Embroidery Sampler Bag

2010-Sep-25, Saturday 04:04 pm
chebe: (AliceWithTea)
[personal profile] chebe
I love books. Most things I learn outside of classes come from books. So naturally when I wanted to refresh all the mad embroidery skillz I'd forgotten I found a book to help me. 'Doodle Stitching' teaches the basics of embroidery, and how to get started. Of all the crafts I do embroidery really requires the least amount of stuff. You have the piece of fabric you're working on, the pattern (and maybe a way to transfer it), embroidery hoop, needles, scissors, and threads. That's it. You can get stuck in quickly, and leave it down quickly, great for those stolen few minutes here and there.

This really is a lovely little book. It focuses on the simple, almost naive, kind of embroidery that's rather popular now and has some nice projects with clear instructions. The first project is very clever. It's a bag for carrying around your embroidery hoops. But, it's also a sampler, and forces you to practice every stitch described in the book. Of course I had to make it!

However, I happened to make the circle too small for the hoop, so I altered the project. I took my circular sampler, and attached it onto a regular square bag (big enough to hold the book as well). I then stuffed the sampler with polyester filling to make it a large pin-cushion. Now it carries everything I need. (I do still have to attach the strap, but otherwise am all done.)

(As usual, click for double size photo.)
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