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2009-Jun-17, Wednesday 06:05 pm
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Was reading a webcomic one day, and saw an ad for geeky jewelery, I followed the link and wound up on Esty. So I've finally signed up. And today as I was browsing I was struck by the 'I can do this' bug. A couple of hours later I've made my first ever anklet, and a bracelet, while the glue was drying.

Can't decide which photo is better, reality is kinda in between both of them, so I leave it up to you, brave visualiser. Bear in mind the sheet they're on is a lilac-ly, pale purple. There are different kinds of green beads, white beads, and two grey beads, to match the piece of hematite.

Anklet with toe loop

Anklet with toe loop and flash

Now, bearing in mind this is my first ever time making one of these I'm quite pleased. Lessons learned:
- The toe-loop part is a couple of centimetres too long.
- The ankle bit while fitting perfectly, should have had a longer string, I left things very awkward for myself while attaching the clasp.
- The hematite bead is an awkward shape, and didn't really work.
- Also, hematite?! What were you thinking? Hematite is heavy, disproportionally to the rest of the piece.

And then the bracelet. If you look real closely you can see the luminescence of the beads. Moonstone and blue sunstone. Pretty in direct sunlight.

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