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2012-May-07, Monday 08:15 pm
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This started with a recipe; 'Rose Petal Cupcakes'. But I couldn't find extract of rose oil, and I couldn't be bothered candying rose petals. So really I just took the pink theme and ran with it. A friend of mine loves pink, and is lactose intolerant, so I tried my hand at making these dairy-free. I substituted soya-margarine for butter, and rice-milk for milk. I added a little pink gel colouring to the mixture, but when it was baked the colouring stayed in the middle and a regular cake-coloured crust formed around the outside. Bit odd, further investigation warranted. I added lots of pink gel colouring to the soya-margarine-and-icing-sugar icing, and it worked great.

Then there was 'Warm Molten-Centred Chocolate Cupcakes'. Surprisingly simple; 1 oz margarine, 2 oz caster sugar, 1 egg, 3 oz self-raising flour, 1 tbsp cocoa powder, beat. Spoon half into 8 cupcake cases, place a square of chocolate in each, then cover over with the other half of the mixture. Cook at 190C/375F for 20 minutes, eat.

I added a square of plain and a sneaky square of white chocolate to each. The plain melted lovely, the white seemed to re-solidify and was no fun at all.

Things learned; gel colouring can behave strangely in the oven, soya-margarine can make the cakes a bit hard, and rice-milk can leave them a bit dry. But still tasty. And what's with measuring butter in tablespoons? Seriously, just why? I can deal with volume, but it's not ideal. Measure with weight people, weight! Fyi, 8 tblsp. == 2 oz. That is all.
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