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2014-Feb-13, Thursday 03:17 pm
chebe: (Spools of thread)
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I've had this pattern for a while now (so long in fact that it doesn't appear to be for sale anymore). It's a Lilly*Blossom Book Bag sewing pattern. And when I say pattern, I really mean an instruction booklet. It doesn't come with any pattern pieces, rather instructions on how to make your own. Which is fine, because it's just a bunch of rectangles, and if you're anything like me your book won't fit the standard size anyway.

The reason I've had this pattern a while is that all my books are different sizes, and I couldn't think of a book I'd need a custom cover for for any extended length of time. That is until I started getting interested in poetry. Poetry is a slow read, often needing many re-reads. This collection, 'Staying Alive', was recommended to me. And it turns out there are sequels, that are exactly the same dimensions! Perfect.

Closed book in a fabric cover with handles, outside view

Lilly*Blossom Book Bag
Photo by chebe

Open book in a fabric cover with handles

Staying Alive poetry book in Book Bag, inside
Photo by chebe

It's a sandwich of outer-fabric (in four pieces, plus handles), bag wadding, and cotton sheeting, sewn together. It's all done on a standard sewing machine with straight and zig-zag stitch, and the only hand-stitching involved was tidying up the top-stitching at the end. I managed to scrounge together all the materials from bits I have just laying around. Although I did substitute bit-of-old-t-shirt for the cotton sheeting, and just left out the ribbon and beads altogether.

Empty, open, fabric book bag cover, inside view

Inside view of Book Bag cover
Photo by chebe

Empty, open, fabric book bag cover, outside view

Outside view of Book Bag cover
Photo by chebe

A couple hours gathering, measuring, and cutting, and a couple more hours pressing and stitching, and you end up with a cute little, unusual, book bag to tote your favourite book about. I appear to have made my seams too narrow, leaving a bit more space around the edges but no harm. It felt good to get back sewing again. Judging by how long it took me to remember how to move the needle over to the right, it has been too long. Definitely a fun craft project.
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