Open Theremin V3

2017-Feb-26, Sunday 06:24 pm
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- active/powered speakers with a 3.5mm stereo audio jack (bonus points if the power plug is grounded)
- camera tripod
- Arduino Uno, from wherever it has been gathering dust (and USB/power cable)

- Open Theremin Arduino Shield
- 1m of aluminium round tube; 6mm external thickness, 1mm wall thickness, 4mm internal diameter, from your local hardware shop

- Cut tube in half, and bend (or get bent) each half into the shape described in the diagram
- Solder shield together. (The button and LEDs are surface mounted. I scorched a leg pad of the yellow LED, so no blinky yellow for me.)
- Program Uno
- Plug all the bits together. The whole lot should be grounded, but both my speakers, and the Arduino, are powered over USB, and I could not find an earthed USB-converter plug. So, at the moment, they are plugged into my laptop, which is plugged into the mains. (There is a ground pad on the shield that I should hook up in future.)
- Power up, leave to warm up, trigger auto-calibration

Photo by chebegeek

- Start band

Seasonal LED kits

2014-Feb-05, Wednesday 12:40 am
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At TOGs birthday party (you weren't there?! You missed awesome cake!) rob showed me a new kit he's come up with for February.

Soldering kits )

Completed LED shamrock circuit board, viewed from an angle to highlight the LEDs reflecting in the gloss surface

LED shamrock plaque, angled to show LEDs reflecting
Photo by chebe

*dusts off hands* Back to working out some Arduino problems...

Bits and Pieces

2011-Mar-17, Thursday 06:09 pm
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It is St Patrick's Day today, so I'm celebrating it in my own rebellious way. By working a bit on projects.

Waffle with a side of pics )
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To attach an LED to your clothes you need to think about how you're going to do the wiring. If it's the old-fashioned wires and heat-shrink, you're set. If you're thinking conductive thread, then your LEDs will need something the thread can attach to.

Talk and pictures of LEDs, plus surface mount LED tutorial )
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I've been learning to solder. Not out of thin air, I had learning aids.

Three kits within... )

And added bonus? The solder that came with the first kit was enough to do all of them, and even have a tiny bit left over. So, now that all my circuits work successfully I guess I can claim to be able to solder. Not the prettiest work you've ever seen, but certainly functional. Onwards, and upwards.
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