2010-Oct-23, Saturday

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The LilyPad range includes a temperature sensor, which is a MCP9700 thermistor type sensor, used for measuring ambient temperatures. It has positive and negative power terminals, and a 's' terminal that you connect to an analogue pin on the LilyPad microcontroller. You set up the code in the same way as for other sensors, and read the value:

Code )

This does give a seemingly accurate reading (oddly enough I seem to lack any other kind of ambient thermometer), except that it fluctuates quite a bit. But in and around what seems like a decent value. I may have to do some form of averaging to smooth it out.

I was using the new Simple Board, so thought I'd see if there was any difference using the Main Board. There's not, exact same results. So my only other thought is that maybe the USB-power is fluctuating and skewing the results. Of course, I don't have a ready way of reading the values while it's solely on battery power, so I can't check. Interesting though. I wonder if anyone has seen this before?
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