2011-Jan-26, Wednesday

chebe: (gerties sew-along 2010)
I was happy with the style of the dress, I was satisfied with the sizing, but I was not happy with my darts.

I read around, looked high and low for information; all of which said it was undoubtedly my poor technique to blame. So I practised. Couple of places (1,2) said to go down in stitch size the last 1/2" or so, to run the last few stitches on the edge of the fabric, and leave a long enough tail to knot. People said to use a tailoring ham (I improvised with rolled-up socks). I heard about the rites of the cult of Pressing. Then Gertie had a few pointers. (I actually really like the one about snipping into the seam allowance.) She also had a similar dilemma a while back. I tried them all. This was the result.

Yet more darts )

One problem. Matching up the dots in my fabric is going to be impossible. If it was panelled it'd be doable. I might have to try that yet. Or find another fabric. Or settle for this dress being a lost cause and just go for it. Any which way, I've pressed my fabric and it's airing now. Cutting out begins soon. For better or worse.
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