2011-Apr-27, Wednesday

nmap scripting engine

2011-Apr-27, Wednesday 11:38 am
chebe: (GoldenMask)
You know nmap? It's a really helpful tool for auditing your networks, and probing your machines to check for vulnerabilities.

Aside: you should only ever use this on your own network, or one on which you have the permission of the administrator. Not everyone minds a little exploration, but you don't want to annoy the wrong people. In case you don't happen to have a network handy, nmap provides scanme.nmap.org so you can try out all but the most aggressive techniques.

I'm not going to go into a lot of detail here, so if you're interested there is info in the man pages, on the nmap website, and there is even an nmap book. Here are some very basic commands;

Host Discovery;
details )

Port Scanning;
details )

Service Version and OS Detection;
details )

juicy details )

On a related note; are you running BackTrack in VirtualBox, have enabled the network connections and everything, but still no internet? Try;
/etc/init.d/networking restart
When complete check ifconfig. I found my wireless connection hiding in eth1!

They say a little knowledge is a dangerous thing. Let's prove them wrong.
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