2011-Jun-15, Wednesday

chebe: (Sewing Machine)
Some days I get up and it feels like Summer (others it feels like Winter, but that's a whole other post). Summer weather means Summer clothes; but have you noticed that in most shops the quality of Summer clothing is very poor, like it's meant to be thrown away? Or else it's too skimpy, revealing, or simply in the oddest colours? Summer just isn't my season, but hey, I sew, I can fix this.

I've been a bit down on sewing recently, I seem to spend forever on getting mock-ups to fit properly, or else I go straight to fashion fabric only to find the entire thing a disaster. Well, enough! I want some near-instant satisfaction. Cue wearable-mock-ups. If the measurements on the envelope seem close enough, and the fit is relaxed, then I'll make it up in a nice cheap black material before more expensive fashion fabrics. This way, ideally, I'll get two tops!

I got out New Look #6870 (here), view B, a.k.a. the one with the full elbow-length sleeves. And here's the result (please forgive the over-exposure, black is difficult to get details to show up);

Pictures! )

Back ties, elasticated neck-line, narrow hems, darts, lots of pressing. Instructions are good, clear. Marked as easy, which I guess is true, but it's not quick. I spread the work over three days. I like this top, it's easy to wear, comfy, fits pretty well. One thing I will change on the next one is to make the bodice section longer, it rides up just a little too much. I reckon this top would look lovely in a sheer 90s-floral type fabric. \o/ Something completed!
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