A while back I made a first version of Seamwork's Skipper bonus variation. I love the previous version, but it's not perfect.

- For one, it's too big. I made it in an XL, so I made this version in an L.
- I also made this version longer, still not as long as the pattern, removing 22cm front and back.
- I also added 5cm to the sleeves. I'm not sure if it's just a feature I like, or if it's a my-body thing, but I find most Seamwork sleeves to be on the short side.
- Included the side pockets again.
- Left out the hood string ties, and front patch pocket, again.
- Didn't add the zipper this time.

The L is in the Misses set (the XL in the Curvy set), so I had to print them out (pattern, and bonus variation) and assemble them all over again. But it was worth it, the fit is much better. The sleeves, and general body, is a good length. Also, I noticed that the back hem is much lower than the front. This feature is almost unnoticeable in my previous version.

I made this version in a super-soft lightweight black loopback jersey. And if I could live in this fabric for the rest of my life I'd be very, very happy.

Finished Skipper v.2, with hood and side pockets, front
Photo by chebegeek

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