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Sorry it's been so quiet around here, things have been hectic in the analogue world. And to top it all off I'm running a series of four workshops on the LilyPad in TOG, starting Thursday. More hours in each day would come in handy right about now.

But, I haven't been idle. Remember way back when I made a simple accelerometer glove? Well, I'm working on a more elaborate matching pair now. PartFusion, a guy from the hackerspace, makes some really intense RGB daisy-chainable, sewable, LEDs. Armed with these, Adafruit's NeoPixel library, a couple of accelerometers, LilyPad Simple boards, and LiPo batteries, I had the fixings of something strong enough to help land planes.

I used some material from a free tshirt I acquired at some point, made a couple of armwarmers/gauntlets, with inside lining/pouch for the LilyPad Simple board itself. Some metal snaps and lots of conductive thread sewing later I've one strip done. It's still a work in progress, but I brought them along to one of the CoderDojo sessions, and people seemed to like them. I have a deadline for them, a concert I have tickets for, so hopefully they'll get finished soon.

Close-up shot of the accelerometer, RGB LED, and connections

Close-up of the accelerometer
Photo by chebe

Close-up shot of the LilyPad Simple board in pouch

Close-up of the LilyPad Simple board tucked away in pouch
Photo by chebe

Close-up shot of inside of pouch and snap connectors, with LilyPad removed

Close-up of the the inside of the pouch, with LilyPad Simple board removed, snap connectors visible
Photo by chebe

Action shot of LEDs on, showing green, washing out the camera lens

Turns out photographing the LEDs is difficult. Here they are, so brightly green that they're washing out the camera
Photo by chebe

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