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You've decided you really want to make your own underwear, you've scrounged up a pattern or two, maybe located a half-decent book, but now you're faced with a list of supplies you've never come across before. Where do you get this stuff?!

Note: I am in no way affiliated with, or sponsored by any of these places. I'm just a customer, who would have liked to find pointers and information more easily. I hope these resources are of some help, and indeed if you have some of your own I'd love to hear about them!

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I'm new to using knits (or, at least, trying to understand knits). And I'm new to underwear. So I'm starting small. With smalls. Kwik Sew's 2100 in fact. And I'm going to go through it in great (probably painful for you) detail.

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There are two sewing books I'd like to introduce you to;
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Really, wide stretch lace seems so easy to use, I think I'll stock up!
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I've gone a bit mad, searching for, buying, and longing for all the satin and lace I can find. This is unusual for me as I tend to avoid embellishment as much as possible, and find satin beautiful but impractical.

It has a lot to do with my now pathological desire to make myself underwear that not only fits, but is comfortable. I've been secretly buying up patterns, modern and vintage, finding suppliers, and gathering books. It has been a very slow process, but soon I'll be cutting my first piece of fabric, and am getting very excited. (Can you tell?)

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It is from these starting points that I will be discovering how to make underwear. I hope to share some of my journey with you (though behind cuts, so if this entire topic embarrasses you don't worry). Do you agree, or disagree? Do you have pointers, tips, suggestions, requests? Are you on a similar quest?
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