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2012-Mar-08, Thursday 01:01 pm
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Okay so, this is mostly just a link-dump so I don't loose them, but thought some of you might find them interesting as well.

  • Crunchwear. Loving this blog, but sadly seems to have stopped updating in September. Still plenty for me to go rummaging through.

  • Old article on Philips Lumalive, a fabric with LEDs in it. Last I heard it was only available for rental, or for conferences/hotels as soft-furnishings.

  • Pixel Panel's SoftLED. Check out the gallery for more pictures. A fabric with surface-mount LEDs on it.

  • LumiGram, a fibre-optic fabric from a French designer, selling finished pieces of clothing, but also lengths of the fabric! I've ordered a sample pack and will be able to tell you more when it arrives.

  • Techtextil Frankfurt. So, who wants to go with me to the next Techtexil in Frankfurt, 11-13 June 2013? No? Well here's some of the others worldwide: tech textile trade shows.

Shiny stuff

2012-Jan-05, Thursday 02:56 pm
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There have been a fair few really cool things crossing my path lately that I wish I had time to play with. Here are some of my favourites;

  • Conductive paint that's safe for use on skin. I mean, how cool?! Check it out henna'd here. Also works on paper, fabric, walls, anything you can paint; some tutorials.

  • Man builds wearable tv, then has trouble getting through an airport (he didn't make it as far as the metal detector). That's 14,400 RGB LEDs. He's a legend to me. Story here.

  • Have I mentioned conductive fibres before? Makes me want to start making my own fabrics!

  • How about electric cotton? That's with gold nanoparticles and conductive polymers at the strand level, instead of plating with silver. Ever get the feeling you're living in the future?

  • *edit* And least you think this is all rather fanciful, Stretchable Circuits is a company that exists to fuse electronics with fashion. Some nice pics, vids, and links to labels selling this stuff :) */edit*

  • If you do, and it bothers you, how about CV Dazzle? It's a project based on finding ways of obscuring your identity from face-detection technologies using hairstyles, make-up and other seemingly high-fashion techniques. Pretty interesting, and visually striking!

  • If this future thing appeals to you how about an electric sheep? It's a gadget that plugs into your Android phone and then acts like an Arduino, letting you build circuits and gadgets to use with your phone.

  • The complete Narnia series is available free to download as audio books; details here.

  • Finally if you didn't catch it at 28c3 there is the powerful talk of how anonymising software can save, or cost, lives. "How governments tried to block Tor". You can find the rest of the talks here.

In other news; I tried to get in touch with the winners of my little giveaway, but only one has responded to me. Could [personal profile] mollydot and [identity profile] oh-that-karl [] please get in touch with me? You've won :) I'd like to arrange postage. You can email me chebe at I'll give you a week, but if I can't reach by then I'll have to pick someone else :/ *edit2* Thanks! Will try and get them out soon. */edit2*

Time-lapse videos

2011-May-11, Wednesday 11:15 pm
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Do you have a spare ten minutes? Would you like to fill them with a little beauty and awe? Here are three time-lapse photography videos. You won't regret watching them.

#1 Pieces of Dublin: link

#2 Spanish mountain: link

#3 Aurora (it's so beautiful I cried I really have to go): link

The last two were by the same guy. Just, wow. This is the kind of thing that makes me go "yes, this, want", so maybe when I get some time freed up I'll start working on a time-lapse project *fingers crossed*
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When you're familiar with a topic it's hard to remember what you didn't know when you started out. To help, somewhat, in that regard, I offer two online sewing dictionaries that might help with any confusion I cause:

Please, if you're confused just shout, I'm almost always online and can respond quickly.
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