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Here the first of February is the first day of Spring. It marks Saint Brigit's Day, Candlemas, and Imbolc, celebrations going back to prehistoric times. Saint Brigit has a special place in my life. She's the patron saint of my home county, and in primary school we'd make crosses out of reeds. If we were lucky we might even have been taken for a nature-walk.

There was an interesting article in the Irish Times yesterday, with information about Brigit I'd never come across before.

"During Brigit’s festival, on February 1st, weaving or turning wheels was strictly forbidden in an honouring of Brigit the Weaver’s holy day."

Guess my plans for sewing are out the window :)

I realise that when you look out your window to the depths of Winter all this can seem very remote. So with no sewing to do, and inspired by those childhood memories I took a walk, down to the forest, to photograph signs of Spring for you all.

If you go down to the woods today... )

Spring is a little behind, daffodils still hiding their sunny heads, very few trees budding yet. But not that far behind, as snowdrops abound. Today is a bright, mostly sunny day, with the risk of occasional showers, and temperatures of 7-11 degrees. A little windy, but birdsong is everywhere!

15 second clip of the birds singing )

And, now for my review of January. I've realised that while I don't appreciate deadlines, they do motivate me. So at the end of each month I'm going to do a short recap of what I've actually done and finished. For all my time off January bore little fruit, being mostly consumed with the sew-along crepe dress mock-up and making plans. What I have managed;

  • Passport cover/holder

  • Piece of embroidery

  • Wrap skirt

  • I'd hoped to do more, but guess that simply means I have to step it up a gear this month. *nods resolutely*
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