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2016-11-21 11:34 am
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Seamwork Oslo cardigan

This weekends make was Seamwork's Oslo; an oversized, slightly boxy, long cardigan. I made it in a Medium, and there is still oodles of room there. Definitely comfy.

I left off the buttons. And went with sleeve option 2 (the non roll-up kind) because when working with computers I find it easier to have my wrists accessory free. Although they are still long enough to cover the knuckles. I did have the seam ripper out for this one. It took me way too long to understand the cuff instructions. (Turn half inside-out to right side out.)

I made it in a nice polyester Ponte de Roma (quickly becoming my favourite fabric) with just a touch of spandex (4%). The colour is officially 'Petrol', which is like a darker, more blue teal? I'm pretty sure it will go with almost everything in my wardrobe.

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2016-11-15 03:16 pm
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Seamwork Aberdeen v-neck top

Seamwork's Aberdeen is a v-neck, batwing sleeve, t-shirt. The front is one piece, so no need to worry about matching patterns. The back is two pieces, and also features a v-neck, which I think is a nice touch.

I need to practice adding v-necks. There's a little bubble at the front point, and the back ones didn't quite line up. Also, because I hate hemming, I half-assed the hem with just a single turn and zig-zag stitch.

But, it's cute and comfy. I made it up in a light t-shirt weight stretch jersey. I picked up this fabric as a remnant while on holiday in Vancouver years back. The print is busy, but monochromatic, so sufficiently moody for my tastes.

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2016-02-19 05:08 pm
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Seasonal Winter Jumper

Three *years* ago I started this project. At a Christmas Jumper Make Night for charity. It seemed like a simple idea; sew up some LEDs with some conductive thread. The first year I only got most of the felt snowflake done. The second year I got the SewIO board wired up. It wasn't until the third year that I managed to complete the circuit. And there are problems, but we'll get to that.

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All in all, except for the faintness of the LEDs, I am happy to declare this project finished.

It was pointed out that most light-up jumpers are so bright that it can hurt to look at the person wearing them, so dimmer, softer, LEDs aren't actually a bad thing. Especially as this kind of jumper is typically worn in winter, in dark pubs. That is a very good point. I just wish it was intentional.

Winter Jumper, modeled
Photo by chebe

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2011-11-30 01:11 pm
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V-neck camisole, made from measurements

Went to Craft Night at tog on Tuesday (15th), and actually had a productive evening! I did have to hog a large table, but other than using the floor there isn't any other way to cut out large pattern pieces. In that sew-along news I have all the underlining pieces cut out! Woo! But. I've decided that the fashion fabric, the second one, the purple crepe, is too shiny for this style of dress. *sigh* So I'm again at a standstill until I can find a fabric I'm happy with.

But that's okay, because in the meantime I've wandered off into a short little project; making a camisole.
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But, for now, Ta-da, done!

View of finished top on mannequin from front View of finished top on mannequin from back
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2011-06-21 12:56 pm
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Finished: Kwik Sew #3496, view A; tunic

I started this project eight months ago. Eight! Despite that actual construction only took two days. Here's the first post. Everything went wrong with this top. From using a regular sharp needle instead of a ballpoint, using interlock with 50% stretch instead of knit with 25%, not having enough fabric and having to invent a centre-back seam, the top being way too wide, way too long, and the neckline getting stretched. But finally I reached a point where I decided it would be better to have a half-ruined finished top, than a bundle of material forever incomplete. And, well, I had to chop off a lot, from everywhere, but it's not too bad for a ruinous disaster!

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My mother was mid complaint about my buying yet more clothing on the internet before I had a chance to tell her I'd made it :) And on the plus side, it is soft and comfy, and I'm going to have no problems slouching around in this. Plus this purple really brings out my hair colour!

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2011-06-15 03:01 pm
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New Look #6870, View B; gathered top

Some days I get up and it feels like Summer (others it feels like Winter, but that's a whole other post). Summer weather means Summer clothes; but have you noticed that in most shops the quality of Summer clothing is very poor, like it's meant to be thrown away? Or else it's too skimpy, revealing, or simply in the oddest colours? Summer just isn't my season, but hey, I sew, I can fix this.

I've been a bit down on sewing recently, I seem to spend forever on getting mock-ups to fit properly, or else I go straight to fashion fabric only to find the entire thing a disaster. Well, enough! I want some near-instant satisfaction. Cue wearable-mock-ups. If the measurements on the envelope seem close enough, and the fit is relaxed, then I'll make it up in a nice cheap black material before more expensive fashion fabrics. This way, ideally, I'll get two tops!

I got out New Look #6870 (here), view B, a.k.a. the one with the full elbow-length sleeves. And here's the result (please forgive the over-exposure, black is difficult to get details to show up);

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Back ties, elasticated neck-line, narrow hems, darts, lots of pressing. Instructions are good, clear. Marked as easy, which I guess is true, but it's not quick. I spread the work over three days. I like this top, it's easy to wear, comfy, fits pretty well. One thing I will change on the next one is to make the bodice section longer, it rides up just a little too much. I reckon this top would look lovely in a sheer 90s-floral type fabric. \o/ Something completed!
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2011-02-23 09:30 pm
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I'd hoped to be able to show you my new shiny halter-neck top. But instead I've realised why I've so little practice with hems; before doing the hem (usually the very last thing) I try the garment on, and when it doesn't fit right I give up in frustration and confusion. See, it's never a simple fix like just taking in the side-seams a bit. Rather it seems I'm oddly proportioned.

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2011-01-23 11:57 pm
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Looking for nice top patterns

Like I don't have enough going on, right? But after a recent cleaning of my wardrobe I have discovered one great gaping hole in all my outfits. True, I have some lovely skirts, a couple of okay trousers, and I virtually live in jeans, but to go with all of these I have only t-shirts. Yes, t-shirts. Not only that, but mostly printed front t-shirts; band t-shirts, nerdy t-shirts, or jokey t-shirts. All fine for the casual everyday of a student or computer programmer, but not so good for anything else. It has reached a point where I have more of these t-shirts than any other tops.

I need help, dear readers. I am asking you to send me links to patterns for tops you like, or think I might like. (If you're not a sewist, then links to inspirational pictures of tops are also very welcome.) I'm in great need, but I still need to lay some ground rules. I need the tops to be fairly fitted about the waist, and to be suitable for the curvier of shapes. (Otherwise I end up looking like a balloon.) If it helps, imagine I have a wardrobe entirely made up of A-line skirts of varying volumes (not far from the truth). I need nice, versatile, tops to go with them; adaptable to smart day-time wear, or casual small-concert evening-wear.

If you can, please help me dress like a grown-up!

*EDIT 2* (The pics moved, relinking to personal scans.)
I've discovered New Look separates! I've just ordered a couple, and am looking forward to getting them. Let me know what you think.

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