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Carrying on from a previous post, I continue my adventures in beading. Most recently I have discovered that choosing the right beads is very important. For example, I read the instructions, I went and got seed beads. It says size 11 is standard, and this box doesn't list a size, so must be 11, right? No. I picked up a box of Craft Factory seed beads. They are very, very irregular. I had to pick up and drop beads to try and make them fit into the square-stitch piece I'm doing. Then I ran out, so went to get more. The only ones I could find this time are pictured right (no name). But just look at the difference! These ones are very regular, lead to a more even, smoother piece, and are just so much easier to use! So, learn from me. If you need consistently regular shaped beads, spend the time to find them, it's definitely worth it!

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