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I haven't posted anything substantial since February. I suck.

That said, I'm here and reading everyone, I just... haven't had the energy to make sense of my life enough to put it into words. Work is very rewarding and very stressful all at once. And the rest of the time is spent on ... well, roleplaying :) G, my housemate, is still running the Awesome Awesome Exalted Campaign of Amazeballs for me, and I'm tempted to start doing weekly recaps of what's happened in the game. (I have no idea whether anyone would want to read it other than me, though.)

So, yeah, not dead. Yay! :)
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This was an interesting account of Stephen Seager's time working with some of the most dangerous psychiatric patients in California. His patients had all been found not guilty by reason of insanity. That means if they assault or murder one another, they will end up in the same place where they had been before they committed that crime. Early on in this book, Seager ends up getting ten stitches after a patient throws a chair. Another patient threatens to kill him with a shank.

The very last chapter of this book involved an interesting section about insanity and guns, a topic that has come up a lot lately. Most people suffering from mental health conditions are more likely to be the victims of crimes than mass shooters. He believes the people that we should most be worried about are paranoid patients. He mentioned Adam Lanza a couple of times in this book.

I was a little put off by the way that he discussed his large black male patients in terms of dehumanizing cliches such as having shoulders as wide as goal posts.
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Approximately the Nth book in McGuire's Toby Daye series. Still a pleasant read. Probably start earlier in the series.
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Fourth book in McKenna's Tales of Einarinn series. It takes place simultaneous to book #3, With Ryshad as primary viewpoint character (and two or maybe three other characters as secondary POV characters). As usual, the primary POV is written in first person and the other POVs are written in third person, which works really well for me, as a reader.

Anyway, a most pleasant read. I would hesitantly recommend starting at the beginning of the series, there's a fair chunk of background, but it may be enough to sort-of catch up in this volume?

Linkspam for mid-October 2017

2017-Oct-16, Monday 02:53 pm
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I'm not doing regular linkspam posts anymore, but I had a pile of links to file and I thought I'd put them in one place.

Some advice for survivors and those writing about them, Leigh Honeywell (2017-10-12). Some great advice on talking to journalists that applies to situations where you're exposing any kind of wrong-doing.

Donald Trump to become first president to speak at anti-LGBT hate group gathering, Benjamin Butterworth for PinkNews (2017-10-11). Remember when people were saying "at least Tr*mp is pro-LGBT"?

[CW: rape] On predators who won't accept that they are predators, E Price (2017-10-12). "It’s important for men to question whether there are rapists in their midsts. But good men, really feminist men, need to go even further: they need to question whether they have ever been rapists themselves."

Sister Outsider Headbanger: On Being a Black Feminist Metalhead, Keidra Chaney for Bitch (2000-11-30). Good stuff about being in intersecting outsider identities.

We fired our top talent. Best decision we ever made, Jonathan Solórzano-Hamilton (2017-10-12). "Rick was a very talented developer. Rick could solve complex business logic problems and create sophisticated architectures to support his lofty designs. Rick could not solve the problem of how to work effectively on a team." (Other people have rightly pointed out that the author doesn't place enough responsibility on the environment "Rick" was in for allowing him to escalate his toxic behaviors, but the fact remains that some people deal with pressure by seeking help and support from others, while others deal with it by harming others in an attempt to preserve themselves.)

We Warned You About Milo And You’re Still Not Listening, Katherine Cross for The Establishment (2017-10-09). 'The hypersensitivity that reels from “trigger warnings” but thrills to Yiannopoulos’ joyful transphobia, that likens workplace diversity trainings to “gulags,” is what fuels the outrage culture about “outrage culture,” an insatiable rage that can never be sated by giving it what it says it wants. It will merely demand we make ourselves smaller and smaller until nothing of us remains. Reactionary outrage about “PC” is not a philosophy as much as it is a burning sun that demands our compliance as its nuclear fuel, consuming it endlessly until it can feed no more and goes nova.'

America Loves Plausible Deniability, Lindy West for the New York Times (2017-10-14). "When faced with a choice between an incriminating truth or a flattering lie, America’s ruling class has been choosing the lie for 400 years."

A guide to modern Nazi dogwhistles from [twitter.com profile] secretgamergrrl:
"Modern nazi dog whistles- Accusing people of "calling everyone a nazi." Specifically, doing this in contexts where it makes no sense. i.e. shouting "you call everyone a nazi!" when someone is talking about nazi book burnings in the 40s, or "everyone you don't like is a nazi!" in response to a statement like "this is a profoundly homophobic statement from this organization." The hope is that someone listening who has, in a more appropriate context, been at some point likened to a nazi will give some subtle gesture of approval, outing themselves as someone ripe for recruitment. A common variation is shouting "why do you hate Trump!?" when people discuss bigotry in contexts with no tie to Trump."

Cyrus Vance and the Myth of the Progressive Prosecutor, Josie Duffy Rice for the New York Times: "The progressive bombast is meaningless if prosecutors continue to promote the same harsh practices behind the scenes. Instead, voters must look closely at their policies and hold them to high and specific standards. We should ask: Are prosecutors opposing new mandatory minimum sentences during legislative debates? Have they declined to request cash bail in a vast majority of cases? Are they keeping children out of adult court and refusing to seek life-without-parole sentences for them?"

"Fun sexual assault fact: you only hear the stories we can bear to tell." -- [twitter.com profile] sarahhartshorne

Question thread #57

2017-Oct-15, Sunday 11:24 pm
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It's time for another question thread!

The rules:

- You may ask any dev-related question you have in a comment. (It doesn't even need to be about Dreamwidth, although if it involves a language/library/framework/database Dreamwidth doesn't use, you will probably get answers pointing that out and suggesting a better place to ask.)
- You may also answer any question, using the guidelines given in To Answer, Or Not To Answer and in this comment thread.

Volunteer social thread #72

2017-Oct-15, Sunday 11:07 pm
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I'm playing with my new camera.

What have you all been up to?
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This a book on educational philosophy by a couple of child psychologists that my spouse ordered when he felt like he was not doing a good job motivating and educating a child. The authors are promoting the six-C method to education, but it really doesn't matter what the Cs are. Their approach teaches children skills like creativity, confidence, and perseverance over rote memorization. The modern classrooms they were envisioning were places with chairs that required the students to sit and do worksheets and memorize facts. One of the schools that they really enjoyed was a Reggio Emilio workshop. I did not believe that the educational method that they were proposing was that much different than Montessori.

The book included hints that a lot of parents have probably seen elsewhere like praising children for effort instead of praising them for intrinsic traits like being smart.

2017 - #96, "Brute Force", K. B. Spangler

2017-Oct-13, Friday 07:23 pm
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Previously unread.

Takes place about a year (I would say, give or take) after the previous book in the series. What happens if you kidnap the wife of the head of a government agency, and the first child born to any two members of said agency? In front of the mother's child?

I wish I could say "hilarity ensues", but I guess "calamity ensues" has about the same ring to it. I think I've said that I like this series? Hm? You probably want to read ALL of them. Right now.

2017 - #95, "State Machine", K. B. Spangler

2017-Oct-13, Friday 07:18 pm
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Previously unread.

The third book in Spangler's Rachel Peng series. This time it looks relatively innocent, "just" a murder, and some suspected theft. Unfortunately, the crime scene is in the basement of the White House. Again, a most excellent read. I could try to say more, but, you know, I can't quite figure out how to say it while remaining both entertaining and non-spoilery.

Oh, yes, there's one thing. This is, I believe, a point where the bok series forks (in one fork, the next book is Greek Key and in the other, it is Brute Force, the latter will soon have an entry all of its own).

On the whole, I quite like this series.

2017 - #94, "Maker Space", K. B. Spangler

2017-Oct-13, Friday 07:15 pm
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Previously unread.

This is the second book in Spangler's Rachel Peng series. All in all, eminently readable. It takes place a few months after Digital Divide and starts with a series of explosions "somewhere in DC" (sorry, can't be more precise, there's a specific street mentioned, but, you know, I am sufficiently unfamiliar with DC that it pretty much has escaped my mind, now that I get around to do the write-up several books and days later). Not entirely surprising, this ends up being very investigated and we get a ring-side seat, as we see Agent Peng, members of the MPD and several other Agents from OACET follow up and try to solve the crime.

name the purse WIN the kit

2017-Oct-13, Friday 03:58 pm
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Posted by Lisa

Brioche Win the Kit Blog Header

Love your curves with this new purse design.  This purse has gorgeous shapely curves and is a bit flirty, even better you can make her in 2 sizes, so you'll have double the fun!  She's perfect for parties, weddings, cruises and nights out on the town.   She looks fab in your fave print fabrics, and she also looks knockout in a solid colour topped off with a sparkly decoration.  Make this purse for the party season and you'll have a gorgeous plus one to accompany you to the party!

* Make her in 2 sizes (that both work on the same purse frame). The small size is neat and dainty and the larger is a roomy, rounded, good time girl!
* She has versatile looks - make her in prints or solids (and embellish with a pretty decoration, instructions are included).  
* She has flirty - her yummy roomy rounded shape is so voluptuous!
* She is easy to make - you can make the purse in a day and be ready to take her out in the evening .

* Small: W 6 11/16" x H 5 1/8" x D 3 15/16" (17 x 13 x 10cm)
* Large: W 7 7/8" x H 5 15/16" x D 5 1/2" (20 x 15 x 14cm)
Purse Making Kit as well as a PDF Pattern or Hard Copy Pattern.
This purse comes in 2 sizes and as you can see, both sizes work on the same purse frame (hooray). The small size is perfect for your minimum essentials including smaller smartphone.  The larger size is bigger in every way, surprisingly roomy, it will comfortably fit the larger sized smartphones and more and I confess the larger size is my favourite (she just looks a bit naughty!).
Two size Brioche Blog Header
Perfect with a pretty chain.                    A nice wide base gives this purse va va - room!
Large Brioche Blog Header 
For an attention-stealing effect try attaching a sparkly decoration to the front (like this bouquet of pearly leaves and flowers) of the purse.  I've included full instructions on how to attach a decoration like the one below.  
Brioche Embellishment Blog Header Banner
I hope you like the new purse as much as we do, the only thing left to do now, is to give her a name. CAN YOU HELP?

CONTEST DETAILS (please read carefully)
The lucky winner will WIN this new BLANK purse making kit, which will contain all you need to make the purse, except fabrics, threads and glue.

To enter all you have to do is comment on THIS PARTICULAR POST by:
* Picking a name for the purse design. A couple of pointers to help you: We tend NOT to name purses/bags after girls names (such as 'Jane Purse' because IMHO that has little meaning...), and instead tend to lean towards names which describe the purse or bag in some way.
* Please DO NOT focus on the fabric of this bag as the pattern and kit do not come with fabrics. Ta!
* You can enter as many times as you wish to.

* We will select the winning name at the end of Tues 24th Oct 2017 (GMT) and announce the winner the following day.
* We will need to ask the winner to make a donation for the postage (the kit will be sent as soon as the pattern is published). 
* Sorry we are unable to notify the winner, so please keep an eye out for the winners announcement.  This is made easier for you if you subscribe to this blog so you don't have to keep checking back, although it's always great to have you pop-in for a read :0)
* Prizes which are not claimed within 3 weeks of the winners announcement will be carried forward to the next draw.
* Sorry we are unable to reply to contest/draw comments, but we do love reading every single one.



2017-Oct-08, Sunday 11:23 am
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Posted by Lisa

Bag Doctor Blog Banner

The Bag Doctor is in....
Do you have a troublesome bag-making ailment?
Is there something you struggle to get right, a technique that confounds you or something you just don’t know how to tackle?
Well, Lisa is re-opening her Bag-Making Clinic especially for you!
In a series of blog-posts, she and the team will tackle your popular bag-related aches and pains with some advice to help you on the road to recovery.  To get the clinic well and truly on its way, we need you to pop yourself on the couch and tell us all about it.  Simply click on the image above or here to take you to our BAG DOCTOR reply page alternatively you can comment under the relevant posts on our Facebook and Instagram pages - look out for the cunning bag-making stethoscope image above ;).  We look forward to hearing from you!

Happy National Coming Out Day!

2017-Oct-11, Wednesday 11:40 am
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  • I'm not transgender as in "we need cis allies", I'm transsexual as in "fuck you".
  • I'm not bisexual as in "here's my 5000-word thinkpiece on why that doesn't mean I'm not attracted to non-binary people", I'm pansexual as in "I don't eliminate potential partners based on their gender".
  • I'm not "gay" as in happy, I'm queer as in "fuck you".
  • I'm not liberal as in "universal acceptance and inclusion is possible while including fascists and white supremacists", but rather, anarcho-communist as in understanding what the Paradox of Tolerance means.
  • I'm not poly and kinky as in "understand my bizarre tendencies", I'm poly and kinky as in "almost everyone's conceptions of family and sexuality would benefit from radical change."
  • I'm not mentally ill as in "I need to be changed into a different person from who I am", I'm neuroatypical as in "other people need to accept the person who I am."

Go forward, do no harm, and take no shit.

Bi the Way...

2017-Oct-11, Wednesday 12:00 am
[syndicated profile] tifa_robles_feed

When I was almost 22, something happened and it was like a light switch flashed on for the first time. But I quickly turned it off. I thought maybe I wasn’t straight… but I couldn’t comprehend how I could be almost 22 years old, in my final year of college, and not have known something so substantial about myself. I wasn’t at a place in my life where I wanted to be unsure about one more thing. I already didn’t know exactly what I wanted to do after college and that deadline was coming up fast, I was newly single, couch surfing, and trying to figure out what I even wanted in a partner, adding an additional gender just seemed like too much. I’d always been super boy crazy, there was no way that part of me was… something else too? 

Flash forward a couple years after another relationship was ending and I was warming up to the idea, but still didn’t admit it to anyone out loud. I didn’t want to come out unless I was 100% sure, and I still wasn’t. I hadn’t fully accepted it as part of me. 

Then, Mike and I started dating. It was serious fast and I knew right away that I’d found my soulmate, that I would end up marrying him, and having babies, and living out a “normal” life. I decided that those other questions about my identity didn’t matter. Why make a fuss out of something that I didn’t even know was true? 

A few years passed by and I didn’t really think about that much. I had realized that I was probably bi, but again, didn’t feel like it mattered since I am living a straight woman’s life. As the Lady Planeswalkers Society continued to grow and evolve, it quickly became a place that welcomed the LGBTQ community and I wanted that aspect to thrive. I wanted to be a good ally. I started to get more involved in that community, one I’d always felt VERY comfortable to be a part of. Maybe always more so than any other group of folks. Almost every friend I’d had in high school ended up coming out since then and I’m pretty sure I have less straight friends than queer friends at this point in my life. It started to make sense. Maybe I wasn’t an ally after all… maybe I WAS queer. Maybe I always had been. 

In retrospect, some past experiences made more sense with this new lens. I was pretty content to not make a big deal out of my realization. I started mentioning it to my closest friends, but I had no intention of it going further than that. And then I became a mother. 

Being a mom means that my choices no longer just affect me, but they also affect my son and my actions will teach him ways to interact with the world. I want to be honest with him about who I am. I want to teach him that being honest with yourself is so important. I also don’t want him to think that this is a part of me I’m ashamed of, some deep, dark secret. I want him to accept all types of people and lifestyles, and not judge people that are different from himself. What message would that send if I didn’t come out? 

I took Xander to march in the Seattle Pride Parade. I wanted him to be exposed to this movement and we had a wonderful day. I want this to be an annual mother-son outing. At the parade, it made me realize that I also don’t want to be quiet about who I am anymore. Not just for my son, but for me. 

I started to do more research about what it means to be bisexual. Reasons for keeping it hidden, reasons for coming out, the struggles bisexual people deal with, the emotional issues they face, the stereotypes, etc. A lot of it didn’t surprise me, and a lot of it were things I had heard from others when the subject came up. That people who were bi were just confused, that eventually they would “pick” a side, that they had it easier because they get all the benefits from both sides and can always just marry the opposite sex and not worry about it. They aren’t often accepted by straight people and they aren’t always accepted by gay people. The stereotypes are far and wide across the board and so offensive. 

I learned about the issue of bi-visibility and how there are way more bisexuals than we will ever know because they get categorized into being either straight or gay based on who their partner is. But I am not defined by who I am with. The feminist in me no longer wants my identity hidden by my lifelong commitment to a man. 

Bi-invisibility isn’t helped by the fact that there isn’t much representation in the media, and when it is it’s usually sexualized or passed off as curiosity or a phase. It’s a big issue in society because it means that bisexual issues don’t get talked about or paid attention to. This makes it harder for people who are young and just realizing this about themselves to talk about it. It’s vastly misunderstood. 

And I felt like that was me. Part of me was invisible. But it doesn’t have to be anymore. 

I am bi. This literally changes nothing about my day to day life. I am still in a monogamous marriage with my wonderfully supportive husband. I’m not suddenly open to dating women or anything like that. I’m just not straight. Bisexual is just another word that describes a feature about me. To me, it’s the same as having brown eyes, preferring playing the color green in Magic, or having bipolar disorder. These are just all building blocks that make me ME and I’ve never wanted to keep pieces of me hidden. Being bisexual is no different. It’s just one piece of who I am.

API wishlist?

2017-Oct-10, Tuesday 10:29 pm
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So my workplace gives us a chance twice a year to work on anything we want for a few days, work-related or otherwise, and I thought I'd use some of my time to actually get the new API into a state where we can make it live. With that in mind! What endpoints would you like to see implemented? We're making this Swagger/OpenAPI-compliant, so everything takes JSON as arguments and return JSON formatted data. Stuff already on the list to do or partially done:

/api/v1/users/{username} - GET, shows info about the user (specific info TBD; subset of profile, probably?)
/api/v1/users/{username}/icons - GET, lists icons
/api/v1/users/{username}/icons/{iconid} - GET, returns icon data
/api/v1/users/{username}/journals - GET, returns list of journals with write access.
-- for now, returns only user's primary journal
/api/v1/journals/{username}/accesslists - GET, list of access lists for journal
/api/v1/journals/{username}/tags - GET, list of tags for journal
/api/v1/journals/{username}/xpostaccounts - GET list of xpost accounts
/api/v1/moods - GET list of moods
/api/v1/commentsettings - GET list of allowed comment settings
/api/v1/journals/{username}/entries - POST new entry, GET list of recent entries
/api/v1/journals/{username}/entries/{id} - POST edit entry, GET specific entry
/api/v1/journals/{username}/files - POST new file
/api/v1/spec - GET, returns a description of the API

(Mark and D, as usual, get the final say - some stuff people want may end up being security/privacy risks in non-obvious ways)

Not That We Don'tKnow This Already

2017-Oct-09, Monday 12:43 pm
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On Canon.  (No, not the camera.)Written by someone named Wesley Morris.
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