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Made it to tog today for some fun meet-up sewing with the other local people I know doing the Crepe Sew-Along. I added some test skirt pieces to the bodice mock-up. It's not part of the sew-along, but I was so surprised that at how big the waist was on me that I figured I had better check the fit of the skirt. By my measurements I should be a 14/16 in the hips, but then I would be in the waist as well, and we know how badly that turned out. I'd cut a straight 12 in the bodice, so I figured I'd try a straight 12 in the skirt too.




It fits! Wrap skirts generally have a lot of ease to play around with, so this is probably a factor. Even so, I still have plenty of ease left in the skirt! At full length you will definitely still be able to make out the A-line of the design. I don't know how you did it Colette Patterns, but you seem to have developed a shape that fits me perfectly! I picked the size based on my high-bust measurement, and the only thing I had to change was the darts. True, wrap-dresses have a more relaxed fit than most, but I'm definitely encouraged to try more Colette patterns.

My front darts however. Have not improved with the added weight of the skirt and pressing. I may rip off the skirt panels and start altering the darts again. I'd settle for something less fitted if it meant I could get rid of those seams/creases through my bust. Then again, maybe it won't seem like such a big deal in the morning.

In other news, more sew-alongs are cropping up that I'm tempted to join, but really shouldn't. There's a really neat looking 1940's inspired Swing Dress one over at Casey's Elegant Musings. But it's starting now, and I'm just getting started on making up my Crepe dress. And in February Peter of Male Pattern Boldness is doing a sew-along of the Men's Shirt that is on my list for the year. I'm doing my best to resist, but they're making it so hard!
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