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Like I don't have enough going on, right? But after a recent cleaning of my wardrobe I have discovered one great gaping hole in all my outfits. True, I have some lovely skirts, a couple of okay trousers, and I virtually live in jeans, but to go with all of these I have only t-shirts. Yes, t-shirts. Not only that, but mostly printed front t-shirts; band t-shirts, nerdy t-shirts, or jokey t-shirts. All fine for the casual everyday of a student or computer programmer, but not so good for anything else. It has reached a point where I have more of these t-shirts than any other tops.

I need help, dear readers. I am asking you to send me links to patterns for tops you like, or think I might like. (If you're not a sewist, then links to inspirational pictures of tops are also very welcome.) I'm in great need, but I still need to lay some ground rules. I need the tops to be fairly fitted about the waist, and to be suitable for the curvier of shapes. (Otherwise I end up looking like a balloon.) If it helps, imagine I have a wardrobe entirely made up of A-line skirts of varying volumes (not far from the truth). I need nice, versatile, tops to go with them; adaptable to smart day-time wear, or casual small-concert evening-wear.

If you can, please help me dress like a grown-up!

*EDIT 2* (The pics moved, relinking to personal scans.)
I've discovered New Look separates! I've just ordered a couple, and am looking forward to getting them. Let me know what you think.

6464; halter, and gathered necks

6870; more gathered necks, with sleeves

6755; wrap tops (not too sure about this, but the brocade won me over)

6900; cute tops, but also, capsule wardrobe!

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