2011-Feb-23, Wednesday 09:30 pm
chebe: (Sewing Machine)
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I'd hoped to be able to show you my new shiny halter-neck top. But instead I've realised why I've so little practice with hems; before doing the hem (usually the very last thing) I try the garment on, and when it doesn't fit right I give up in frustration and confusion. See, it's never a simple fix like just taking in the side-seams a bit. Rather it seems I'm oddly proportioned.

I've a short neck (that one is obvious), but also a short chest before my bust begins, a high-ish bust (though I'm fully aware it's probably just youth and good underwear ... expect that the patterns are designed for 20-year-olds, so, I dunno...), a short torso with my natural waist not far below my bust, and then I pear-out into ample hips, under which you'll find short legs. (This is in comparison to the standardised model/body they use for drafting patterns, I'm not being down on myself, just trying to figure out what I need to change on the 'standard' to make it actually fit.)

So, when I made the halter-neck, New Look #6464 the one with the straight-across waist, I was once again frustrated to find that the arm-hole area gapes in a scandalous manner, the elastic band at the back actually sits around my natural waist, and that's before we get to the general torso bagginess. I'm not sure what to do; maybe add bust darts, and take in the side-seams a bit? But when I try to pinch it out it just seems to hang wrong, you know? If I make it again I'm definitely going to use a smaller back, or maybe just shorter elastic. And the straps seem too narrow at the bottom yet too wide at the end. Then again, maybe I'm just really picky. *sigh*
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