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I've dual-booted my laptop (netbook strictly) with Ubuntu 11.04 and Fedora 15 (in the end I just erased the new F15 installation mentioned previously and installed 11.04 first, then gparted before F15). And having used them both for a little while feel the need to vent.

- lvm on a single disk laptop. Just, why? It'd be nice during installation if they could go 'hey, looks like you've only one disk, disable lvm?', but for the vast majority of things it doesn't actually cause any problems.
- gnome3. It's not gnome2. But I am getting used to it. I do like the cleanness, the lack of distractions, but would like some sort of indicator that a program in the background is waiting for input. Also, it's surprisingly two-handed. To get such unusual options as 'shutdown' I have to hold down left-alt while clicking with the left-mouse-button. Tricky on a machine with inbuilt trackpad.
- what did they do with the usb support? Many of my more interesting devices no longer work (they did in F13); permanently getting reset and timing out. My VMs don't seem to have access to any USB devices either.

Ubuntu 11.04;
- unity. It's too much like a Mac for my liking. I do not like the top bar becoming a context menu depending on which application is in focus. It's disorientating. And the left nav-bar is too ready to appear when I'm just clicking something in the left of my application. But the search menu for applications is quite nice.
- I know the wireless chipset in my laptop is rare, but it's been working under Fedora since 11/12. While at first it seems to be working here it is continually losing connection, or the pages just time-out. Quite unusable.
- beautifully fast boot-up time.

Both are good, neither are great. I want to keep parts of both, and to abandon parts of both. I would be interested in hearing other peoples experiences of these distros, as well on hints on how to fix/improve my experience. (*Note* Replies like 'use debian' will not meet with a warm reception.)
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