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2017-Oct-13, Friday 03:58 pm
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Posted by Lisa

Brioche Win the Kit Blog Header

Love your curves with this new purse design.  This purse has gorgeous shapely curves and is a bit flirty, even better you can make her in 2 sizes, so you'll have double the fun!  She's perfect for parties, weddings, cruises and nights out on the town.   She looks fab in your fave print fabrics, and she also looks knockout in a solid colour topped off with a sparkly decoration.  Make this purse for the party season and you'll have a gorgeous plus one to accompany you to the party!

* Make her in 2 sizes (that both work on the same purse frame). The small size is neat and dainty and the larger is a roomy, rounded, good time girl!
* She has versatile looks - make her in prints or solids (and embellish with a pretty decoration, instructions are included).  
* She has flirty - her yummy roomy rounded shape is so voluptuous!
* She is easy to make - you can make the purse in a day and be ready to take her out in the evening .

* Small: W 6 11/16" x H 5 1/8" x D 3 15/16" (17 x 13 x 10cm)
* Large: W 7 7/8" x H 5 15/16" x D 5 1/2" (20 x 15 x 14cm)
Purse Making Kit as well as a PDF Pattern or Hard Copy Pattern.
This purse comes in 2 sizes and as you can see, both sizes work on the same purse frame (hooray). The small size is perfect for your minimum essentials including smaller smartphone.  The larger size is bigger in every way, surprisingly roomy, it will comfortably fit the larger sized smartphones and more and I confess the larger size is my favourite (she just looks a bit naughty!).
Two size Brioche Blog Header
Perfect with a pretty chain.                    A nice wide base gives this purse va va - room!
Large Brioche Blog Header 
For an attention-stealing effect try attaching a sparkly decoration to the front (like this bouquet of pearly leaves and flowers) of the purse.  I've included full instructions on how to attach a decoration like the one below.  
Brioche Embellishment Blog Header Banner
I hope you like the new purse as much as we do, the only thing left to do now, is to give her a name. CAN YOU HELP?

CONTEST DETAILS (please read carefully)
The lucky winner will WIN this new BLANK purse making kit, which will contain all you need to make the purse, except fabrics, threads and glue.

To enter all you have to do is comment on THIS PARTICULAR POST by:
* Picking a name for the purse design. A couple of pointers to help you: We tend NOT to name purses/bags after girls names (such as 'Jane Purse' because IMHO that has little meaning...), and instead tend to lean towards names which describe the purse or bag in some way.
* Please DO NOT focus on the fabric of this bag as the pattern and kit do not come with fabrics. Ta!
* You can enter as many times as you wish to.

* We will select the winning name at the end of Tues 24th Oct 2017 (GMT) and announce the winner the following day.
* We will need to ask the winner to make a donation for the postage (the kit will be sent as soon as the pattern is published). 
* Sorry we are unable to notify the winner, so please keep an eye out for the winners announcement.  This is made easier for you if you subscribe to this blog so you don't have to keep checking back, although it's always great to have you pop-in for a read :0)
* Prizes which are not claimed within 3 weeks of the winners announcement will be carried forward to the next draw.
* Sorry we are unable to reply to contest/draw comments, but we do love reading every single one.



2017-Oct-08, Sunday 11:23 am
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Posted by Lisa

Bag Doctor Blog Banner

The Bag Doctor is in....
Do you have a troublesome bag-making ailment?
Is there something you struggle to get right, a technique that confounds you or something you just don’t know how to tackle?
Well, Lisa is re-opening her Bag-Making Clinic especially for you!
In a series of blog-posts, she and the team will tackle your popular bag-related aches and pains with some advice to help you on the road to recovery.  To get the clinic well and truly on its way, we need you to pop yourself on the couch and tell us all about it.  Simply click on the image above or here to take you to our BAG DOCTOR reply page alternatively you can comment under the relevant posts on our Facebook and Instagram pages - look out for the cunning bag-making stethoscope image above ;).  We look forward to hearing from you!

Bi the Way...

2017-Oct-11, Wednesday 12:00 am
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When I was almost 22, something happened and it was like a light switch flashed on for the first time. But I quickly turned it off. I thought maybe I wasn’t straight… but I couldn’t comprehend how I could be almost 22 years old, in my final year of college, and not have known something so substantial about myself. I wasn’t at a place in my life where I wanted to be unsure about one more thing. I already didn’t know exactly what I wanted to do after college and that deadline was coming up fast, I was newly single, couch surfing, and trying to figure out what I even wanted in a partner, adding an additional gender just seemed like too much. I’d always been super boy crazy, there was no way that part of me was… something else too? 

Flash forward a couple years after another relationship was ending and I was warming up to the idea, but still didn’t admit it to anyone out loud. I didn’t want to come out unless I was 100% sure, and I still wasn’t. I hadn’t fully accepted it as part of me. 

Then, Mike and I started dating. It was serious fast and I knew right away that I’d found my soulmate, that I would end up marrying him, and having babies, and living out a “normal” life. I decided that those other questions about my identity didn’t matter. Why make a fuss out of something that I didn’t even know was true? 

A few years passed by and I didn’t really think about that much. I had realized that I was probably bi, but again, didn’t feel like it mattered since I am living a straight woman’s life. As the Lady Planeswalkers Society continued to grow and evolve, it quickly became a place that welcomed the LGBTQ community and I wanted that aspect to thrive. I wanted to be a good ally. I started to get more involved in that community, one I’d always felt VERY comfortable to be a part of. Maybe always more so than any other group of folks. Almost every friend I’d had in high school ended up coming out since then and I’m pretty sure I have less straight friends than queer friends at this point in my life. It started to make sense. Maybe I wasn’t an ally after all… maybe I WAS queer. Maybe I always had been. 

In retrospect, some past experiences made more sense with this new lens. I was pretty content to not make a big deal out of my realization. I started mentioning it to my closest friends, but I had no intention of it going further than that. And then I became a mother. 

Being a mom means that my choices no longer just affect me, but they also affect my son and my actions will teach him ways to interact with the world. I want to be honest with him about who I am. I want to teach him that being honest with yourself is so important. I also don’t want him to think that this is a part of me I’m ashamed of, some deep, dark secret. I want him to accept all types of people and lifestyles, and not judge people that are different from himself. What message would that send if I didn’t come out? 

I took Xander to march in the Seattle Pride Parade. I wanted him to be exposed to this movement and we had a wonderful day. I want this to be an annual mother-son outing. At the parade, it made me realize that I also don’t want to be quiet about who I am anymore. Not just for my son, but for me. 

I started to do more research about what it means to be bisexual. Reasons for keeping it hidden, reasons for coming out, the struggles bisexual people deal with, the emotional issues they face, the stereotypes, etc. A lot of it didn’t surprise me, and a lot of it were things I had heard from others when the subject came up. That people who were bi were just confused, that eventually they would “pick” a side, that they had it easier because they get all the benefits from both sides and can always just marry the opposite sex and not worry about it. They aren’t often accepted by straight people and they aren’t always accepted by gay people. The stereotypes are far and wide across the board and so offensive. 

I learned about the issue of bi-visibility and how there are way more bisexuals than we will ever know because they get categorized into being either straight or gay based on who their partner is. But I am not defined by who I am with. The feminist in me no longer wants my identity hidden by my lifelong commitment to a man. 

Bi-invisibility isn’t helped by the fact that there isn’t much representation in the media, and when it is it’s usually sexualized or passed off as curiosity or a phase. It’s a big issue in society because it means that bisexual issues don’t get talked about or paid attention to. This makes it harder for people who are young and just realizing this about themselves to talk about it. It’s vastly misunderstood. 

And I felt like that was me. Part of me was invisible. But it doesn’t have to be anymore. 

I am bi. This literally changes nothing about my day to day life. I am still in a monogamous marriage with my wonderfully supportive husband. I’m not suddenly open to dating women or anything like that. I’m just not straight. Bisexual is just another word that describes a feature about me. To me, it’s the same as having brown eyes, preferring playing the color green in Magic, or having bipolar disorder. These are just all building blocks that make me ME and I’ve never wanted to keep pieces of me hidden. Being bisexual is no different. It’s just one piece of who I am.

BAG DOCTOR - Knitted Bags

2017-Oct-09, Monday 12:48 pm
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Posted by Lisa

Bag Doctor Knitted Bags Blog Header

We have had more than a few questions about which interfacing should be used for crocheted/knitted bags or even old jumpers which have been up-cycled into bags.  So below is our first Bag Doctor on call and with The Knitting and Stitching Show this coming 11 to 15th October 2017, we hope these helpful hints and tips will give you some inspiration for the show to come.

The Basics

When making a bag from a woollen/knitted product we recommend that you first make an inner bag that you will attach to the top opening of your knitted bag. This will help in several ways.  It will stop the wool/yarn from stretching and becoming misshapen and it will make it easier to attach closures (such as zips or magnetic snaps) to the inner bag.  We also suggest that if you are using a more open (holey) knit, you double the inner bag and turn it inside out, which will ensure that the interfacing and seams are hidden within the inner bag.

Frames and Handles

* If you are using a wooden frame or handle you can knit around the frame, which will give stability to the top of your bag.  We can also recommend using flexi-tube to get a similar effect, which, if you are knitting the bag from scratch, you can also hide within a knitted handle. This will give your handle strength and stop gravity from pulling it out of shape.  

* Pre-made handles are another quick, easy, decorative alternative to make your woollen creations look great. Again, we recommend attaching these to either the top of the inner bag or use sew on handles and stitch through the wool and the lining (if you are using Decovil or similar).

* Webbing or strapping handles with or without adjustable straps can easily be attached to the inner bag and make for a very smart and polished look, see our Make Your Own Handles collection for everything you will need for this.

Interfacing and Bag Structure

Dependent on the finish you are after, there are several interfacing solutions you can use on knitted bags. We recommend the following:

Decovil Fusible is great for stability and a more rigid stand-alone structure. Fuse it directly onto close weave knits and it would also be great to use with sew-on pre-made handles.

Thermolam Plus Fusible or sew-in Thermolam both have a felt-like feel to them, and they give a soft, thicker, spongy, padded feel with medium support.

Medium Loft 640 Fusible gives a squishy feel with a similar support to the Thermolams, but not quite as thick, making it ideal for use with sew-on frames.  Great for an evening clutch with finer yarns for that extra special luxurious look.

* 2VG700-10 Woven White Iron On is a much less bulky alternative to Medium Loft, again for use with finer yarns and it won’t disturb the drape of your bag.

Please read the individual interfacing/lining product descriptions to better understand what each of them will achieve or read Lisa’s blog on interfacing here to get an in-depth guide on the all interfacings we sell.

Visit My NEW Blog!

2017-Oct-05, Thursday 07:50 pm
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Posted by Gertie

Okay, big news. I have started a new blogIt's hard to believe that it's been a decade since I started Gertie's New Blog for Better Sewing! Starting my independent pattern line Charm Patterns meant I needed a new online home, and I debated a lot about what to do with this blog. In the end, the idea of a fresh start was really appealing. So much has changed in my life in the past ten years, and a beautiful new blog seems like just the thing to symbolize that. (I'm like a butterfly or something!) There will eventually be an archived spot there where you can visit all those posts from the past ten years, and is still here online for you to read. 

But for now I'm excited to fill up my new space with beautiful sewing, like the new Rita Blouse Sew-Along.  I hope you'll visit my new home
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