Beaded Lariat

2010-Aug-25, Wednesday 07:41 pm
chebe: (Default)
[personal profile] chebe
To distract myself from the frustrations of trying to learn beading stitches I found a nice straight-forward project, made simply with basic stringing. Project is the Skull Lariat from The AntiCraft.

I couldn't find any skull beads, so I got Russian Doll beads, that are a bit bigger than the ones in the project. Which had holes too big for the head pins so I had to buffer them with other beads. And I only used six instead of eight. And the large beads I used are smaller than in the project. And mostly, I made the plain seed-bead stretch too short, so my lariat is a choker, or I can wear the strands regular like tied around each other and then it reaches to my waist.

But yeah, if you're making this, don't get impatient like me and make sure the back piece is as long as you want it. Also, doubling up the thread probably would have been a good idea. But otherwise, fun, and quick! I can see myself making a few different variations of this.

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