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This is how bad I am at posting updates. I did some embroidery for the TOG crafters' quilt for MakerFaire back in July.

I was low on time so I went with a mixed-media type of embroidery; with fabric paint, beading, and embroidery. I did two squares, one of a snowflake (because TOG can get really cold in the winter), and one of a robo-duck (pattern from Urban Threads) because TOG is obsessed with ducks.

The squares ended up being non-uniform, some even non-square, so we went with a more artsy display arrangement than a regular quilt. We're currently trying to find somewhere to hang it in the space.

A snowflake made of silver fabric paint, couched silver embroidery thread, and some white and crystal beads, on dark blue background

Mixed-media embroidery square of a snowflake
Photo by chebe

Robotic rubber-duck made of gold and bronze fabric paint, bronze, silver, and yellow embroidery thread, and two black/white beads for pupils, on a bright green background

Mixed-media embroidery square of a robotic rubber duck
Photo by chebe

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