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If you follow me on twitter you may have noticed that I have been playing with getting the maximum number of LEDs for the minimum amount of microcontroller that I can. Here's a short summary.

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I have to thank Rob for being very patient in answering all my questions. And also to note that although I'm using the Adafruit wearables, Rob has been using the LilyPad boards (including the Tiny!) with the SewIOs quite successfully. Yay for interoperability! And finally, that they don't have to be regular LEDs, you can connect anything you could normally. I think RGB pixels, and smile.

Slip Sew-Along

2014-Mar-30, Sunday 01:11 pm
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Gertie is running a new sew-along! Before you panic, this one should be much, much shorter than the last one. I don't have many details yet except that it's starting sometime in April, and her tag will either be Butterick 6031 or slip sew-along. I made things easy on myself by purchasing the kit and pattern directly, so all I need worry about is the fitting and sewing. Here's to more adventures in sewing!
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Batteries. Batteries vex me. They are often bulky, heavy, and non-rechargeable. They run out, and/or need recharging all the time. But they're necessary in absolutely everything if you're to be free from the wall socket. And until we're free from chemical power storage we're stuck with them. So it's a good idea to be able to look after them. (This is not advice, just my own reckless adventure.)

Sometimes you'll purchase a cheap piece of electronics from the internet, only to have it show up not working. Unless it's plugged in to USB. So you open it up and find this goopy, lumpy mess. Measuring between the terminals reveals there's no current flowing, so you have to cut it out.

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*sigh* Hurry up Science, I need a better solution than batteries!

Signed up for a workshop

2014-Feb-19, Wednesday 11:11 pm
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I'm excited to have signed up for a sewing workshop in June. It's a specialised sewing workshop, two days on making your first bra. And it's in Sweden! Being taught by Beverly Johnson of Canada's Bra-Makers Supply and 'The Bra-Makers Manual'!

Seemingly this is Beverly's second trip to Sweden, and she'll be teaching a whole range of workshops over a couple of weeks. I never expected to be able to take a class with Beverly (Canada is too far for a workshop, even for me) so am ecstatic at this opportunity. Which is why I'm telling you all, in case this is something you'd be interested in as well!

Lilly*Blossom Book Bag

2014-Feb-13, Thursday 03:17 pm
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I've had this pattern for a while now (so long in fact that it doesn't appear to be for sale anymore). It's a Lilly*Blossom Book Bag sewing pattern. And when I say pattern, I really mean an instruction booklet. It doesn't come with any pattern pieces, rather instructions on how to make your own. Which is fine, because it's just a bunch of rectangles, and if you're anything like me your book won't fit the standard size anyway.

The reason I've had this pattern a while is that all my books are different sizes, and I couldn't think of a book I'd need a custom cover for for any extended length of time. That is until I started getting interested in poetry. Poetry is a slow read, often needing many re-reads. This collection, 'Staying Alive', was recommended to me. And it turns out there are sequels, that are exactly the same dimensions! Perfect.

Closed book in a fabric cover with handles, outside view

Lilly*Blossom Book Bag
Photo by chebe

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Seasonal LED kits

2014-Feb-05, Wednesday 12:40 am
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At TOGs birthday party (you weren't there?! You missed awesome cake!) rob showed me a new kit he's come up with for February.

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Completed LED shamrock circuit board, viewed from an angle to highlight the LEDs reflecting in the gloss surface

LED shamrock plaque, angled to show LEDs reflecting
Photo by chebe

*dusts off hands* Back to working out some Arduino problems...

TOG at the Exchange

2014-Jan-20, Monday 09:00 pm
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Our hackerspace is currently showing off some projects at the Exchange. Among the projects are the constellation quilts we made for MakerFaire Dublin last year.

Always with the last minute )

View from street through window of the Exchange. The quilts are visible on the back wall, behind other LED projects from TOG.

Display at the Exchange, from street
Photo by chebe

So if you get a chance pop down to the Exchange and have a look. They're a great group and do some really cool stuff. You'll be glad you did.
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I've taken to playing a few games recently. Others seem keen to encourage this behaviour. But look at this controller, how plain, how uninteresting.

Regular white and grey xbox 360 controller

Before; xbox 360 controller
Photo by chebe

What I want is something more unusual, something more purple, and chrometastic. The closest I can get is in kit form. *cue montage music*

Some disassembly pics )

Controller with new cover in place

After; new case and buttons in place
Photo by chebe

There, I'll be gaming in style now.
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[ profile] partfusion, who makes the RGB pixels I'm using in a few half-finished projects, has made up a video offering tips using his pixels in a soft graphic equalizer. He goes into more technical detail than I usually do, you might find it interesting.

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"Why do you still care about dual booting? Why don't you just run everything in a VM?"

I gave it a go, I really did. Created a Ubuntu 1110 vm in VirtualBox. Fixed storage size, everything was going well enough. (Ubuntu has a problem with my wireless card, but that's almost traditional at this point.) I was using it for college work so I needed stability and didn't upgrade for a while. Too long it seems. When I went to upgrade the repos had vanished, and for added benefit, the vm lost the ability to use any network connection.

I noticed VirtualBox had an update, and thought, maybe they'll have better drivers. But instead the vm wouldn't even start. I attempted to mount the .vdi filesystem. Discovered the way I knew only worked with Windows vms, but found another method using guestmount. So I mount with guestmount, but seemingly my /home no longer exists!

Frustrated I try running the vm again, and for some unknown reason it actually starts, but the graphics crash and die leaving me with a text-only terminal. Grand, as soon as I remembered my password. I log in, and right there is my /home! I quickly copy everything to a previously set-up shared folder in the host, and exit.

VirtualBox says there's another update available. So I update, and now the vm won't run again, giving me error messages about something disabled in the BIOS. I should have known better.

And this is just another reason why I dislike virtual machines. (And before you start, it's not just VirtualBox, I've had even more problems with VMWare.)
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