2011-Jan-18, Tuesday

chebe: (gerties sew-along 2010)
You know the dress pattern I'm making up? Need a reminder? Well, I've a problem. I picked a patterned print for the main fabric. Quite apart from my fear of matching up all those seams, is the fact that I'm useless at matching prints. I'm a solids kind of girl, generally mixing in one patterned piece with plenty of solids. Nice and easy.

But now I have to try and find a fabric to make the contrasting wrap-tie out of. Add to this my personal 'style', and it's becoming very difficult to find an appropriate fabric. I want to actually wear this dress when it's finished. So I'm going to have to face the fact that except for a handful of days in the Summer, I will be wearing it with black opaque tights, and most likely some form of black footwear. I had an idea of using dark charcoal, in a solid, but couldn't find it in anything other than satin. So this is what I have available to me. What do you think?

Bear in mind, my hair cycles from red to orange, and back to red again. I am the kind of pale that burns in ten minutes and never tans. And most of my wardrobe basics are black (but I'm not afraid of a bit of colour).

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Poll #5659 Help! Fabric choices for wrap-tie
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Which fabric combination do you think works best?

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1: Pirate skulls
1 (25.0%)

2: Plain black
0 (0.0%)

3: Los Muertos
1 (25.0%)

4: Floral
0 (0.0%)

5: Navy spots
2 (50.0%)

6: Eyelet
0 (0.0%)

7: Red sequins
0 (0.0%)

8: Other, please elaborate in comments
0 (0.0%)

(I don't actually have enough of those last three fabrics, but can probably get more of something similar.)
I was also thinking of maybe edging the neckline and hem with black satin bias-tape piping. Or making a slip underneath that would leave some black or silver netting peeking out under. Previously suggested colours were pink or yellow. But I don't know. Help! Please!
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