2017-Oct-04, Wednesday

Sailfish X, part 2

2017-Oct-04, Wednesday 03:17 pm
chebe: (Default)
Sales have opened, if you are due a refund and you get the email offering you to exchange part of your refund for a voucher. Look at it, so close, and yet...

Servers are currently 502-ing when I attempt to login in to redeem my voucher. Downloads don't start for a week, so I suppose there's plenty of time...

But. If you happen to be at 404 this weekend, and need your Xperia X unlocked, but lack a Windows OS, I can help out.

After two hours I finally got through to purchase my copy.

If you are in the refund scheme but didn't get an email about the voucher, search your email for 'Jolla tablet refund survey access link'. It's the same link for the voucher option.
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