2017-Oct-11, Wednesday

Sailfish X, part 4

2017-Oct-11, Wednesday 05:13 pm
chebe: (Default)
Once you got the Emma tool you need to make sure the phone is running a high enough version of Android (before you replace it). Connect the phone to Windows while holding the Volume Down key. LED will go green. Select a service of at least build version 34.3.A.0.228, and Apply Service to phone. Disconnect, boot it up, go through Setup Wizard, turn it off.

Download Sailfish OS (or buy it if you haven't already) and the Sony binaries (for an older version of Android). Extract both into one folder.

Connect phone to Windows while holding the Volume Up key. LED will go blue. Run the flash-on-windows.bat script. Follow on screen instructions, then reboot phone into SailfishX.

Also, there are official instructions now.
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