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2010-Sep-29, Wednesday 08:06 pm
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One of the projects in the book is a cute little hair-band. I was about to get started when I heard that Molly Crabapple of Dr Sketchy's fame had just released embroidery patterns with Sublime Stitching! Well! I decided to try the project using two of Molly's patterns instead. In the end my embroidery ended up too large for the hair-band, so it was abandoned. Now I'm left deciding what to do with these pieces. (The crazy idea of making them into a so-called hurricane candle shield just won't go away... we'll see.)

The woman's dress is done in split stitch, her hair in stem stitch, skin in back-stitch, and a couple of others thrown in elsewhere. The skin did not turn out well, the thread too chunky, the pattern too detailed. Next time I think I'll half the number of strands I use, and maybe choose a more continuous looking stitch. I did, however, impress myself with how the dress turned out. I used a darker shade for some of the details, and it looks almost like shading, giving an air of depth.

The flowers are straight forward, fairly traditional choice of colours, split stitch for the petals, and stem stitch for the leaves. A few beads thrown in for the centre of the flowers, and done.

This was my first time using patterns from Sublime Stitching, or iron-on transfers at all. I have to say I'm very impressed. The instructions are helpful and clear, the patterns are reusable, and when they say 'be careful not to imprint on your ironing board' they really mean it! I got a couple of other sets of patterns from them too, and really want to get stuck in, even though I have nothing to embroider! I'm sure I'll find something :)
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