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2013-Mar-12, Tuesday 09:01 pm
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Work has been keeping me busy so coherent ... speech stuff ... is little beyond me at the moment. (I'm going to a grammar workshop on Saturday, maybe that will help.) So this will be blessedly brief.

Those are crepe-paper cherry blossoms at the top. I roughly followed this tutorial, only I lack a tree branch.

I've taken to learning how to needle-felt. Here's my first attempt at a rectangle in green wool, and conductive stainless-steel fiber.

I've also been experimenting with fusible fibers (and sheets) together with conductive fibers as well.

In tangential news we got a 3D-printer. I haven't logged much time with it yet but am looking forward to some of the translucent and UV-reactive plastics.

Finally, to conclude, I'm going to be busy this year attending all the things.

April, Saturday 6th. Anime Dublin (facebook twitter) Showing people how to make LED-flowers.

April, Saturday 27th - Sunday 28th. MakerFaire UK (website twitter) Helping out at the TOG hackerspace table.

June, Friday 7th - Sunday 9th. GaelHack (website twitter) Doing... something.

July, Saturday 27th. MiniMakerFaire Dublin (website twitter) Again helping out TOG.

July, Wednesday 31st - August, Sunday 4th. O.H.M. (website twitter) Trying to forget that I dislike camping.

Now to find the energy required to do it all.


Date: 2013-04-29 01:21 am (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
Hi, I met you at Maker Faire today, I was LED matrix shirt guy drawn to your stall as a kindred spirit, I knew when I saw your Sparkfun keypad we'd made much the same thing (mine used a MAX7219 chip as dedicated LED driver for 8x8, yours was 7x7 but machine-sewn and I think charlieplexed, but both obviously in the Lilypad world), and I found it cheaper to buy a bag of 100 red LEDS from Proto-Pic for £4 than it would be to buy the 64 I actually needed). I do have an interest in wearables and have just ordered a Neurosky Mindwave Mobile set having spoken to the lady I saw you also speaking to today wearing one (http://rainycatz.wordpress.com/).
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