Recycled Candles

2010-Mar-29, Monday 05:39 pm
chebe: (Wild)
Candle making is very relaxing. There is absolutely no pressure. If you make a big mistake all you have to do is melt it down and start again. That's what candles do afterall; melt. Consequently there is very little waste. So eye up all those boring odds and ends of candles that never get burnt, you can make something extraordinary from them. (I find this works best with unscented candles, as you only have to worry about colour, and maybe wax hardness, not whether three or four scents are going to work well together. I'll confess though, I'm very much an unscented candle person at the best of times, my sinuses just can't take the heavy perfume.)

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chebe: (Default)
Candles. I like making candles. The process is creative, and slow, and if you make a mistake you can just melt it back down and start again. It being nearly Hallowe'en I got the idea to make a Hallowe'en themed candle, using Hallowe'en themed cookie-cutters. It didn't turn out perfect, but I think it's swell for my first time. Also, I reckon either the shapes need to be smaller, or the candle bigger in future. Without further ado I give you, the Bat Candle:

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