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I have to quote Meg here, "wait until I tell my mother I spent Saturday evening in a church, sewing, she'll be so happy". We were contacted a while back. Some people wanted us to help bring the joy of electronics to young people. How could we say no?

The Clubhouse is an organisation that provides a place after school for young people (8-18) to go and learn some pretty cool stuff like computers, game design, web design, music production. They also host nights at the weekend that provide a place for the older young people to hang out.

On Saturday they held an event, Dublin 8 is Great! Volunteers spent the day cleaning up around the area (in some quite bad rain). As a reward a party was organised for them later in the day. This is where we come in. A make station was set up. They already had people showing how to make throwies, and badges, and were wondering if we'd like to help out. Of course we were only delighted. So Rob and Jeff brought some stuff to teach soldering, and Meg and I set about the task of showing how to make LED electronic bracelets. It was a lot of fun, but also a lot of hard work, and what I learned most was how unprepared I was.

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