Last minute Crafting?

2010-Jul-27, Tuesday 11:19 am
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Hey guys, we've had a couple of cancellations for tonight, and I know it's last minute, but if you're up for it (we have tea and coffee!) drop by! We'd love to see you :)

Yay Crafting!

2010-Jul-16, Friday 11:49 am
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The aforementioned Craft Night last Tuesday went really well. Really, really well. So well in fact that it's becoming a regular event every two weeks! More details here. So, em, squeeee. *cough* Excuse me.
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Hey, just spreading the word. First Craft Night at TOG this Tuesday (13th July). Free to all, bring-your-own (sewing machines will be available for use), just a night for people to bring whatever crafts they want to work with along, and hang out with other crafters. More details to be found in the blog post:

Friday, 9th July
I can't quite believe it, but we're full already! I'm quite excited about this, heading into the space tomorrow to set-up, try out the machines, etc. If all goes well we'll probably see a few more of these nights happening soon.

Hands Up

2010-Jan-03, Sunday 10:14 pm
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Hands up anyone who would like to, and is able to, attend the basic hand-sewing (with a little mending thrown in for good measure) workshop. Remember, I'm not any kind of expert, but would like to share what I do know.

Date: Sunday, 24th January.
Time: open to negotiation, probably sometime between 2pm and 6pm.
Place: tog space.
Numbers: strictly limited to a maximum of 6, so please make sure you can make it before booking a place. (That's a minimum 2 members, maximum 4 visitors.) Full, no places left! Awesome.
Fee: €10, if you bring your own kit, otherwise it'll be €10 + cost of materials. For tog members it'll just be any cost of materials.
Materials: Pack of hand-sewing needles, needle threader, wheel of pins, thread.
Provided: (Although you may want to bring your own.) Scissors to be shared. Scrap fabric. Tea, coffee, hot chocolate, biscuits.
Also: If you have any clothes or such that are damaged bring them in, and we'll see about mending them.

If the time doesn't suit, don't worry, I'll keep running these as long as people are interested.
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