Crochet Baubles

2013-Jan-04, Friday 07:53 pm
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You know what I need to stop doing in 2013? Thinking, gosh, what I need is to pick up another craft. Seriously, I have more than enough to be doing. But, during 2012 I picked up a little crochet. Tríona (of Science is Delicious) had the task of teaching me how to crochet. Multiple times, over and over.

The main plus crochet has over knitting is that the level of entry is much lower. I never quite got the hang of casting on (or off) in knitting, but crochet is much easier, it simply begins with a single knot!

But also having a project to work on gives the knowledge something to stick to. And so, crochet baubles!

Using a 5mm hook, and some mysterious yarn, the pattern goes like this;
  1. Start with a knot, leave a tail to work in later.

  2. Chain 6, work last into first chain stitch to form a circle.

  3. Chain 3, work last into the centre of the circle. Repeat to make eight loops, working the last/eighth loop into the centre of the first loop in the row.

  4. Chain 5, eight times, last one into first in this row.

  5. Chain 6, eight times, last one into first in this row.

  6. Chain 7, eight times, last one into first in this row.

  7. Check size against the bauble. If needed, chain 8, eight times, last one into first in this row.

  8. Start decreasing. So if added a chain 8 row, chain 7, then chain 6. Check size against bauble, continue as needed. (I find the final row only needs seven loops.)

  9. Cut a tail about the length of your forearm. (Work in the bottom tail now.) Thread the top tail on a large needle, and use it to catch each loop of the top row, and tighten to completely enclose the bauble. Knot and tie off.

Couple of pics )
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