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I have long admired the fantastic landscapes I've seen in cross-stitch pieces, the subtle gradation in colours, the life-like-ness of the end pieces. And, to be fair, I've envied the multitude of 8-bit character patterns that I keep coming across. But I simply had no idea how to start. Until I came across a really basic start kit; Anchors 1st Kit. When I laid eyes on this cheeky chappy I just couldn't leave him behind.

Peekaboo )

I have enthused in the past about how portable embroidery is, how you can pick it up for five minutes, put it down again, and not have to do a lot of prep work, or tidy up. As true at that is for embroidery, it's even more so for cross-stitch! This piece was mostly done in a hotel room, around getting ready to attend a wedding. It is a simple, repetitive, calming activity, and I think I may be hooked.

What I admired about this type of work, the colour gradations, is no trick or secret. Quite simply, those pieces use a great many colours. Some patterns may have only one row of each colour, but still need over thirty colours! This is something I will have to get used to, but it can only benefit my thread collection :)
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