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Let's try a post without pictures for now. How to get an unaffiliated cloak on freenode:

Step 1; register a nickname [as detailed here]
Step 2; join #freenode and wait patiently for a staffer to show up
Step 3; ask politely for a cloak [as here]
Step 4; once cloak is applied, thank your staffer, and check your info

Simple, and awesome. Going to test it from work tomorrow to see how well it works.

*edit* Using the clients still set the realname to something based on your ip, but using a client that sets realname to something silly like 'purple' (hi pidgin), is a pretty good combination.
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Okay, so you've registered your nickname with freenode, but everytime you log in through Pidgin it asks you to identify.

Instead of typing /msg nickserv identify your_password every single time, add NickServ as a buddy, and set up a buddy pounce.

- Right-click buddy, select 'Add Buddy Pounce'
- Select Pounce when ... Signs on.
- Select Action ... Send a message.
- Type 'identify your_password' in the text box.
- Select Options ... Recurring.
- Then press Add to save and exit the dialog.

Now when you sign in Pidgin will identify for you. Much better.
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