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2009-Dec-12, Saturday 12:44 pm
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To make an executable jar (laugh if you want, but I was always happy without an executable):

- need to be in bin folder (or the root of your .class structure)
- create, add:
Main-class: socket/client/main
- jar -cvfm socketclient.jar socket/client
- chomd 777 socketclient.jar
- ./socketclient.jar (or java -jar socketclient.jar
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JOGL. Java binding for OpenGL. The question I get asked is, why JOGL? I haven't looked into Java3D in years, but back when I was making this fairly unimportant decision two factors weighed heavily. Firstly, I already knew a bit of OpenGL from my C-based graphics course. Secondly, the OpenGL standard is used in a variety of different languages, once you know the basics in one you can quickly pick up another, which makes the skillset much more portable. And, as we're already seeing, Java is falling out of favour. So the next question becomes, why not just use C? The answer is also two-fold. Firstly, I know Java much better than C, I'm not planning a major project here, just a utility. Secondly, and this one is very close to my heart, it's more portable. When optimisation starts meaning more to me than portability I'll return to my beloved C, but that's not today. No, this project is very simple, and differences of microseconds aren't going to have a large impact. What is the project?

Details and instructions on setting up )

And that's it, you're ready to use JOGL for fancy 3D graphics. And I'm ready to make a start on my utility project. Have fun!
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