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2010-Oct-18, Monday 04:46 pm
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Sometimes I come across things, from friends, or randomly, that I share with friends and the micro-blogging universe. But it occurred to me that maybe you guys might be interested too? I'm going to try it for a little bit and see if it annoys people, or if it's something you enjoy.

1. Computer Engineer Barbie is available for pre-order from, but not yet.
Take a look here. This is the first doll decided on by popular vote out of a selection of careers. I forsee many grown female computer engineers buying one for the hell of it.

2. Implantable LED arrays.
Take a look here. You know I like my LEDs, but I'm not sure I'm up to the commitment of getting an array imbedded in my skin. One question; what's the power source situation?

3. Google Engineer let go for abusing his position to stalk teens.
Take a look here. I'm glad there was nothing malicious about his behaviour, and I'm not anti-Google, but this does make me worry about their security procedures and checks.

4. Arduino Client for MQTT.
Take a look here. Looks good, if you're inclined to use MQTT.

5. Essay on Feminism and MicroControllers.
Take a look here. A look at how microcontrollers might help encourage young girls into more technological fields.

6. Essay on Jealousy and the Myth of the Popular Blogger.
Take a look here. An interesting look at how sometimes you don't want to lose your anonymity on the net.

You got something you think I'd like? Please post it in the comments. Also, if anything inspires discussion I'd like that too :)
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