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Hello! Been a while. I have been starting things, just not quite getting around to finishing them... My friend Julie is on a mission to spread the joy of contributing to Open-Source Software. So this Wednesday just gone she organised a meet-up at the hackerspace to help new-comers get started. She gave a short talk (transcript here), and then we broke up into groups to get hands-on experience, in some cases finding, and in others getting started on projects.

I had great plans to finally get started on some Dreamwidth dev. I got my Dreamhack ages ago, but hadn't had time to do much with it. So I read up my wiki, logged into the account (miraculously remembering the passwords), and decided starting fresh would be the best. (When I wandered away things were still in CVS, they're now in github.) So I found the reinstall script, and ran it.

Don't. At least, not for a while. After following all the steps I could find I still had trouble; the system complaining about not being able to access the db. I logged into the dw-dev irc room to complain, and found out that the script is broken. Alas! My plans are on hold for another little while until the script is fixed up and I can get my Dreamhack working again. The hard part is waiting patiently. I think I've been bitten by the bug.
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