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2011-Aug-05, Friday 07:44 pm
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Oooh! My HTC Desire Z just updated itself to Android 2.3.3. And suddenly the missing menus in 'People' have appeared and I've managed to selectively import specific Contacts groups. It also pulled in my Twitter contacts. This integration thing is really nifty.
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Memory lane, the path travelled, how I got here, and all that jazz )

Anyway. What all this has taught me is how much of a control-freak I am when it comes to technology. All these 'helpful' programs and processes, auto-start features, auto-sync, not only drains the phones battery, but mine as well. Simply put; do not want. I turned everything off. GPS services, both kinds, wlan, bluetooth, data, everything off. I will turn it on as needed, then swiftly shut it down again. (Maybe I've been spending too much time dealing with firewalls and ports...)

The Quest to download apps from the Android Market
Mighty battles )

Enjoying the spoils )

Back to fixing what in the old days we called a 'phonebook'
Tending wounds )

Bluetooth connection to Parrot car-kit
Breaking in a new saddle )

That's as far as I've gotten, and what I would consider functioning adequately. Once I've become a bit more familiar with the device I'll install the SDK and have some real fun!
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