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Previously whenever I painted a tshirt I bought dedicated tubes of fabric paint. This stuff is thick, plasticy, and good for 3D effects. But it is too stiff to be comfortable when used over large areas. While browsing the Art & Hobby Shop I came across a wonderful discovery. Daler Rowney System 3 Textile Medium. System 3 is their acrylic range, and to make fabric paint all you do is mix these acrylics in 1-to-1 ratio with this medium! Voilá, any fabric paint colour you ever wanted is now attainable. (Also, the textile medium is specifically formulated to work with screen-printing, but can be used in any method for application to textiles.)

I can get excited. Very excited. And some people have taken to telling me to "Enhance your calm". (Guess the film?) I decided it would be nice to own my passion, and put this phrase on a tshirt. Only, I don't know anything about printing. So I found myself a book. Printing by Hand. It's a lovely book with a spiral spine that covers Stamping, Stenciling, and Screen Printing. Well then, let's get started.

Tools and process )

Only thing left to do is fix the paint. Once dry (allow ~24 hours) heat-fix the paint with an iron; iron (turn off steam) on the reverse of the design, with scrap fabric on the otherside to avoid staining your ironing board. Then wait a few days before washing.

Your stencil is reusable, and the thickness of the plastic also makes it very durable. Now that the hard-work is done I can stencil away on as many things as I like. Obsession, here I come.
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