Progess update

2009-Sep-09, Wednesday 12:19 am
chebe: (Default)
Yes I know I've been a bit scarce and the projects appear to have been abandoned while barely begun. But progress has been slow because of the need to acquire new skills. Today was a day of firsts. My first time ever using a soldering iron, my first time changing the threads on my overlocker, and my first time customising a t-shirt past the fabric paint level.

Soldering iron adventures )

Sewing adventures )

So you see, I am working away on my projects, in a rather indirect way. I've borrowed the 'Getting Started with Arduino' book which I probably should have read before starting my project at all, and plan to fly through that. I have to become familiar with the Java Comms package, and a few other things. So slowly, and bit by bit, I'm getting closer to realising my ideas. It's a rewarding struggle.
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