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The Windows XP edition:

Trying to do things through the command prompt, and without installing third-party tools, not always so easy. (Warning: contains some artifacts from use in batch scripts, e.g. variables:%BUILDSHARE% and running in new windows:start "" /w)

1. Uninstalling a program.
- Run regedit
- Navigate to the program, something like:
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE > SOFTWARE > Microsoft > Windows > CurrentVersion > Uninstall

- Make a note of the hex key, e.g. {4321ABCD-AB34-12CD-EF56-98769876DCBA}
- Then from cmd.exe:
msiexec /X {4321ABCD-AB34-12CD-EF56-98769876DCBA} /qn

Code stays same for product through different versions. Only really useful if you're continually un/re-installing the same product.

a. Mount a remote server.
- start "" /w NET USE W: %BUILDSHARE%
b. Unmount a remote server.
*edit* NET USE does not play well with the Server service in Windows (particularly Server 2003). You have to stop the Server service to use it. Which, defeats the purpose of having a Server install at all.

3. Unzipping a non-NTFS-specific compressed folder (i.e. .zip)
- There is a way through the GUI, so far only got to opening .zip from command prompt, then use Extract All button. Opening a .zip from cmd.exe: RunDll32.exe zipfldr.dll,RouteTheCall
- Or accept it's not happening. Buy WinZip, or install 7Zip or IZArc (my personal fave) command line utilities. IZArc: start "" /w IZArc -eh %SAVELOC% %ARCHIVE%
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