The Breezy Beach Wrap

2010-Sep-04, Saturday 03:51 pm
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My second skirt from 'Sew What! Skirts', the so-called Breezy Beach Wrap. I mentioned earlier that I found the instructions hard to follow, and the resultant skirt is not great.

The fabric I choose turned out more transparent that I'd realised, so I'm modeling here over my jeans. This is the way it's supposed to be worn. 1) The ties are barely long enough. (I'd forgotten that I had accounted for this initially when cutting the fabric, and chopped them down to the length specified in the book. Mistake.) 2) You can see the centre seam of the waistband. [Click image for larger view.] 3) The fabric hangs 'wrong', emphasising my curvy ass more than I like. 4) It is made based on waist measurements, but again because of the way the fabric hangs on me it is necessary to wear it lower, more on my hips (so now it's slightly too small).

So this is me wearing it the other way around. I prefer this way as there are now two layers of fabric to the front. 1) With the transparency of this fabric that makes me feel much more comfortable. 2) The lose piece of fabric can hang straight down, rather than sitting badly over my curves, which is more flattering. But not by much (see side view).

You will spend most of your time working on the waistband. Stitch-in-the-ditch is a pain. I need more practice on hems and sewing on curves. The instructions given very much only suit the authors, evidently slim, figure. They should have mentioned using a lower waist measurement and the modifications needed for a decent drape. But, for all that, it is just a casual beach skirt, and it will perform its function adequately.
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