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I started this project eight months ago. Eight! Despite that actual construction only took two days. Here's the first post. Everything went wrong with this top. From using a regular sharp needle instead of a ballpoint, using interlock with 50% stretch instead of knit with 25%, not having enough fabric and having to invent a centre-back seam, the top being way too wide, way too long, and the neckline getting stretched. But finally I reached a point where I decided it would be better to have a half-ruined finished top, than a bundle of material forever incomplete. And, well, I had to chop off a lot, from everywhere, but it's not too bad for a ruinous disaster!

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My mother was mid complaint about my buying yet more clothing on the internet before I had a chance to tell her I'd made it :) And on the plus side, it is soft and comfy, and I'm going to have no problems slouching around in this. Plus this purple really brings out my hair colour!

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Today was a bad day. Quite apart from any political going-ons, my day sucked. There was waiting for several buses that never showed up, for an hour, in the winter rain, with no umbrella and without a second jumper. I was late for college, for a tutorial, to which the lecturer never puts up the material up in time. There was a sign on my second bus-stop saying that my bus no longer stopped there. Which, it turned out, was nonsense. Etc. So, when I did, eventually, get home, I was compelled to sew. This turned out to be a great idea. I love the way sewing, and any form of crafting, allows you to feel like you can make something good out of a whole lot of bad.

I'm using Kwik Sew #3496, view A. Just a big, comfy looking, casual tshirt/tunic. The pattern called for stretch, and mentioned knit, so I pulled out the purple knit I've had stashed for years. It wasn't the best choice, a bit too bulky, and has 50% stretch instead of the 25% the pattern specified. But it's so soft and warm, I'm going to love wearing this top.

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When trying it on though I discovered how much bulk is too bulky. I'm going to have to trim down the sides and arms significantly so it doesn't just look like a purple sack. A task left for another day.
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