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Today was a bad day. Quite apart from any political going-ons, my day sucked. There was waiting for several buses that never showed up, for an hour, in the winter rain, with no umbrella and without a second jumper. I was late for college, for a tutorial, to which the lecturer never puts up the material up in time. There was a sign on my second bus-stop saying that my bus no longer stopped there. Which, it turned out, was nonsense. Etc. So, when I did, eventually, get home, I was compelled to sew. This turned out to be a great idea. I love the way sewing, and any form of crafting, allows you to feel like you can make something good out of a whole lot of bad.

I'm using Kwik Sew #3496, view A. Just a big, comfy looking, casual tshirt/tunic. The pattern called for stretch, and mentioned knit, so I pulled out the purple knit I've had stashed for years. It wasn't the best choice, a bit too bulky, and has 50% stretch instead of the 25% the pattern specified. But it's so soft and warm, I'm going to love wearing this top.

Very simple, cut out pattern piece 1 (front) on a fold, with horizontal stretch. Then cut out pattern piece 2 (back) the same way. Only, I didn't have enough fabric to be able to cut out the back piece. I had to cut two single pieces, and sew them up the middle to make the back piece. At least I had enough left to do that much!

Doing the neckline I learned how to use and attach clear elastic as a stabiliser. I also learned that my sewing machine came with a twin-needle, so I was able to top-stitch the neck hem. My first time doing either, and it's given me ideas on how to fix a tshirt I was altering.

Yes, these are the same garment. The colour is most like the picture seen on the left, but is actually somewhere between the two. (Click for larger pictures.)

When trying it on though I discovered how much bulk is too bulky. I'm going to have to trim down the sides and arms significantly so it doesn't just look like a purple sack. A task left for another day.
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