2010-Jun-09, Wednesday

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Take a rectangle of stretchy fabric, a little longer than your waist measurement, and as wide as the length you'd like.

Fold this rectangle in half length-wise, so you end up with something more square like. Right sides (the future outsides) together / against each other on the inside.

Sew the two halves together down the side with no folds at either end. Being stretchy material chances are the stitching will break, so re-enforce the seam. I sewed a straight stitch, then beside it a zig-zag stitch, then finished the edges (remind me to write a post on this later, but if using t-shirt like material it can be left raw.)

Find the top of the skirt, finish the edge if you like, then turn down a distance the width of your elastic band, plus a little bit. Make sure the outer edge is tucked in under the fold. So, one little fold (along the very edge), then another fold, the size of the elastic.

Sew all the way around (straight stitch is fine), at the bottom of the fold, through the three-thickness of fabric. But leave a little gap for adding in the elastic.

Take the elastic, pull it around your waist, stretching a little, until it is snug, and over-laps a little. Cut this length.

Add a large safety pin to each end of the elastic, and thread one end into the gap you left in the waist band. Use the safety pin to work it around, making sure the other end doesn't get pulled through.

Take out the safety pins, and sew the two ends of the elastic together, with a little over-lap (about an inch or two is good). And let sit back into the waist band.

If you're like me the bottom/hem of your skirt is the selvage of the fabric, or t-shirt fabric, so you don't have to do anything. If you need to hem, do the same as you did for the waist, only make the amount of fabric folded over less.

Turn right way out, and wear.

There you go, one straight skirt that will shape to your curves; casual, light, and non-restrictive. All without having to take out a pattern, or a ruler, and a great way to use up extra pieces of fabric.

I am working on real content, but work and health are keeping me distracted. Hope to be back soon.

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