2011-Jan-09, Sunday

chebe: (gerties sew-along 2010)
After posting in the Flickr group I received a comment that confirmed what I'd suspected, but had been willing to over-look in the name of an easier life. Namely, that the front waist darts were too much to the side. Here, this is the bodice, worn inside-out so you can see the seams more clearly.

Darts, lots of darts. Image heavy )

So, yeah, there will be one more mock-up post. I'm going to wait a little while and see if there's any comments in Flickr, then I'll try the size 12 skirt on for size. By measurements I should be a size 16, but by measurements my waist should have been a size 14/16 too. Plus, it's a wrap skirt, so it will have lots of extra ease/fabric in the skirt as part of the style. This doesn't suit my shape, tending to make me look larger, so anything I can do to minimise the volume is a bonus. It was a bit of work, but the difference a simple dart made to the fit makes me glad I bothered.
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