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I mentioned in an earlier post about a book I'm using to make skirts. I'm currently on my second skirt, the 'Breezy Beach Wrap' (wishful thinking), and am finding some of the instructions quite confusing.

Firstly, you have to cut out two pieces that overlap, with right-sides together, that you then sew onto either side of the main(front) piece. Only... when I tried this I ended up with the back edge sewn to one side of the front piece, and the overlap edge of the other back piece sewn to the other side of the front. I should be okay because my pattern is non-directional, but I am still worried about the lines of the skirt lining up right.

Secondly, it says to sew the two strips of waistband together (on the short edge as far as I can make out) to create one much larger strip. Except, now I'm left with a strip of fabric that seems way, way too long.

So I went looking for any possible errata that were published. There are at least three versions of this book. The first one was published through Storey Publishing in the States. They seemingly put up errata (which have since disappeared) and republished a corrected version in 2006. My copy of the book was published in 2007, by UK publishers David&Charles, and still contains the mistakes. With no errata I could find on their website.

For those interested, here is what the errata pdf contained once upon a time:

Sew What? Skirts
Page 65 Half Circle Wrap:
All you need is 1 length of 42"–45" fabric (about 2 1⁄2 yards for the average person), plus 1⁄8 yard for the waistband and ties. If you are larger than average, or prefer a fuller skirt, it’s better to use fabric that is 58"–60" wide (about 3 1⁄2 yards, plus waistband yardage).
. . .
You will need to add to the W measurement to allow
for fabric overlap in the back of the skirt. To do this, measure where your waistline will be, then add 12" to 14" (or the amount you want it to overlap). Divide by 3 and round up to the nearest 1⁄2". Then make your string compass as instructed.

p. 117 Nature's Child:
under Stuff You Need it should read:
2 lengths* of 42"–45" fabric
3⁄4–1 yard of complementary fabric

No mention of any of the problems I'm having, so maybe it's just me... but I'd be interested to hear thoughts from anyone who has tried these projects.
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