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Okay, I got the supplies, I did some preparation, only thing left to do was sew them up!



Hurrah! Look like knickers don't they! My first time making up knickers, ever. I used this pattern: Kwik Sew 2100. They were pretty easy to sew up (even if I kept making mistakes with the crotch lining), it's all there in the instructions. These are made from a stretch polyester jersey, with cotton jersey crotch lining, picot elastic on the legs, and stretch elastic on the waist.

First thing you'll probably notice is a granny-ish vibe. And you'd be right.

They are way too big. By my hip measurement I was going to make a size 10, but it just looked so large, so I compared against a couple pairs of ready-to-wear undies, and they were nearly half the size. I compromised on a size 8. But there is still too much space to spare, next time I'm going to try a size 6. (I am in desperate need of a measuring class, if only such a thing existed.)

Also, they are way too high. I was confused by all the clothes I've ever tried on in shops that labeled themselves 'hipsters' and fell fairly low down, not much above the bikini level. That's the level that I like so that's the one I chose. What I discovered is that what they mean by 'hipsters' is covers your pelvic bones, falling just below the belly-button. Next time I'll definitely be making the 'bikini' height.

Still, as the material is nice and heavy I can see these having a future as lounging-about shorts when I can't quite be bothered to get dressed. *nods* Next!

Date: 2011-02-27 10:17 am (UTC)
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Love the pattern! I guess the great thing about making your own underwear is that you can easily evaluate and tweak for future makings. :)

Date: 2011-02-28 02:21 am (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] pfctdayelise
hello. :) sorry I didn't introduce myself. for some reason I thought this post was in a community but clearly not. I added you after seeing a rec in post by [personal profile] skud. I am fairly geeky and am trying to be more crafty so I think your journal will be interesting. :) I have a livejournal which I have not yet brought across here but do intend to do so one day...
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